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  1. We shall see how I get on! Any more advice is welcome!
  2. Would it be ok to mount that reel on top of my rod ( the rod really doesn't feel right when held other than the pistol grip way it was designed for) or would it just not work well? Is there a term for putting live bait / sweetcorn and the like, on spinners and lures to create a combo bait? Thanks!
  3. I live in South West London , that would be very kind!
  4. It seems the shop keeper may have duped me then! Would you suggest reels might work nicely with the original rod? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fladen-11-401-2240-Closed-Face-Fishing/dp/B006IKS9F4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1370733886&sr=8-1&keywords=close+faced+reel I know this is dirt cheap, but it might be a nice back up? Thanks! I will put out some advice for anyone who has an interest in the rod I purchased, the guides are really not very strongly attached (I saw a review online which supported this) I had to glue one back on! Really nice and compact though! Thanks!
  5. Bog standard! ? How dare you ! =P!!! I actually invested in a new reel ( same rod though! ) http://www.manningstackle.com/ekmps/shops/manningsft/images/shimano-hyperloop-4000-rb-rear-drag-reel-277-p.jpg. As the rod is pistol grip, would it be ok to mount this reel ABOVE the rod, or will I have to use the rod upside down now?
  6. Cant say I was familiar with them ! They are not really a starter reel though are they?
  7. We are going slightly off topic ! ha, but at least the information seems to be good, so perhaps you could recommend a reel, (as long as it would be compatible with my current rod)! Sebbo
  8. Thanks for the advice! I think you confused Richmond VA with Richmond in London England ! I don't think the fish are the same there but my equipment is as follows - 6 foot Abu Garcia rod with Abumatic 275 reel, http://www.clasohlson.com/uk/Pr311262000/Pr311262000, and various small spinners and lures. Vagabond, if I am correct you need wire trace, a large landing net, and some forceps and wire cutters? I am not sure if my rod would be strong enough. Do you think there are Pike in that stretch of the Thames? Thanks everyone.
  9. Hello everyone. I fancy having a go at fishing the Thames around Richmond, what would my chances with artificial lures and spinners be there? What is the likelihood of catching Pike in that stretch of the Thames? Any advice on decent spots around that area, and any tips in general? Thanks ! Sebbo
  10. Sebbo


    Just to say Hello! London based casual fisherman, I occasionally take a rod out, occasionally have a stab at fly fishing too! Sebbo
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