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  1. Thanks for your thoughts everyone...
  2. Hi.... I'm just about to move to a house about 400M from the Ivel in Sandy. Anyone know how the Ivel fishes through the summer? Is it choked up with weed? Thanks Pete
  3. Hi everyone. Not been on here for a while as I've not been fishing due to gear in storage ahead of a pending house move, anyway... I've lived in flats for ten years, but now having got married and with a little lad on the way, we've just exchanged contracts on a house, which means for the first time since I was a kid I'll have a garden, which means I'm going to do what I've always promised myself I'd do and get a shed just for my fishing gear. Probably with a table, chair, a little bait fridge and a radio too... Just really can't wait to have all of my stuff organised, accessible and in on
  4. Hammer - That's the River Lea. And having been to the Olympic park I'm pretty sure it's fenced off as it's a secure area. The area of the Lea above the Olympic park was home to quite a few of our travelling friends last time I looked so I wouldn't be heading down there with fishing gear. There is a stretch of canal that links the park to the Grand Union and can be accessed from Victoria Park in Hackney. There's even a lock (which looks weird in East London) but not sure what the fishing situation is.
  5. Is it me or has the notion of going to a naturally-occurring body of water to try and catch some naturally-occurring fish that are there because of nature a completely prehistoric one? Is the modern angler only prepared to wet his line in a water whose fish are tailor made to his needs? Why the hell are we moving fish around? They must be happy where they were or they wouldn't have been there in the first place... I strongly suspect that by 'un-fished' they mean 'free'. So our license fees are paying for the EA to move fish to areas where we have to pay again. Cheers EA
  6. OK so the close season is well and truly upon us and with rivers in lockdown and club waters shut I was thinking of heading off to one of my local day ticket waters for a day’s fishing (yes I know they’re over-populated mud puddles full of exotic non-native species but I want to go fishing) in a few weeks. The thing is I’m aware that we have a close season for a reason. It’s there to allow fish to spawn unhindered by anglers so is it morally OK to fish just because a loophole in the law means it’s allowed on land-locked waters? In the past I’ve always justified it to myself with the kn
  7. I've got a set of those Fishtec ones and whilst I don't use them often I think they're pretty good. I have no basis for comparison though
  8. I took a walk this afternoon along the River Oughton in Hitchin. It's a trickle of a chalk stream that feeds a nature reserve and feeds into the river Hiz, then the Ivel, which holds a good head of fish. I've lived in Hitchin for seven years and never once witnessed a fish in there. Anyway I saw a swirl in the water that could only have been a fish and when I moved near to the water to investigate, a Chub of about 1-2lb swam off upstream. As I walked upstream I saw 4-5 more. My only theory on this is that the winter floods swelled the rivers to the point that fish felt comfortable mov
  9. I’ve never really understood the whole specimen carp angling scene. I can’t really understand the point of casting a boilie out 40 yds then sitting behind shiny, expensive buzz bars messing around on an iPad for the next four hours. It clearly suits quite alot of anglers though and seems to carry with it some kind of macho ‘my kit is more expensive than yours, I can cast further than you, my Fox rig is trendier than yours’ mentality with it. And the money they must spend on their hobby in which rigs, boilies and bite alarms do all the work for them could probably keep Concorde in the air.
  10. The thing with a property like this is that a large part of its assets are the fish, however the description of what it contains is so vague. "Several hundred carp up to 37lb" could mean anything and i would want to be far more sure what was in there before I spent three quarters of a million of my hard-earned on it...
  11. Think you made a wise choice Jack...
  12. or until they stop nicking fish...
  13. Thats quite a range of climates the tough little buggers can withstand. It's no wonder they're spreading so quickly...
  14. I haven't been on this forum long having just got back into fishing but one thing that's obvious is how invasive species in British waters has become a real issue in recent years. Seems it's even worse in Chicago, where they're seriously considering blocking the ship canal system (at tremendous economic cost) to prevent the spread of Asian Carp into the great lakes. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-26017956
  15. Its funny... It doesn't seem to matter how many times the experts repeat "dredging would not have helped alleviate the floods" people still keep banging on about it as if the EA deliberately laid waste to hundreds of acres of Somerset and Oxfordshire by flicking off the 'dredge' switch. I think its got more to do with human nature - and wanting someone to blame for this - than any kind of reality... And the 24/7 media encourage this nonsense because it gives them something to talk about...
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