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  1. Thank you Mike. Cheap and easy sounds like the thing im after. I hope my son Jacob will also take an intrest in Fishing also, Bit young to take currently but in a few years hopefully.
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    Thanks Newt.
  3. I think that fishing as a hobby is one of the cheapest around, The issue of expense comes with tackle and baits an indeed some clubs charges for a yearly ticket. Would a £1000 pole catch you more fish than a £100? Yes the £1000 is much longer and lighter but that would be about it. Some of the baits are there to catch the angler as well as the fish, Don't get me wrong i have been drawn in over the years on bait and tackle but in hindsight the cheapest is sometimes the best. Like most things you don't need to spend a fortune its personal prefernce i suppose.
  4. Find out more about where you going to fish, Visit the venue and ask other anglers about what they have caught, what methods and baits they use. However don't interupt them when there in the midsts of playing a decent fish. Patients and practice is key as very rearly will you catch a whopper on your first cast, every cast or is that just me! Don't get over technical with baits and setups, Bread,Worm, Sweetcorn & maggot will catch most fish and there cheap bait as for the setup a simple float or feeder setup will catch fish. Most of all, enjoy the session and respect the fish an
  5. Jack Thanksfor the info. Will have a read through the articles. I have used the swim stim groundbaits for years but never know you could use the stuff as paste. Its resonable expensive gear BUT an excellent groundbait imo ( Not paid commision from Dynamite baits for saying that i must add) Money is tight this year as i became a dad a few weeks ago so trying to keep costs down on the one or two times i will get to go this year if my newborn son has anything to do with it. Cheers MoNo
  6. There are a number of clubs in Oxfordshire, Some have been metioned here already. Pop into you local tackle shop and they should be able to help you. One more that springs to mind is the Sutton Courtney club. Depending on how far you want to travel there are loads of day ticket waters also, Orchid lakes, The Shimano lakes nr Witney ( May not be shimano run anymore though). I use to live in Didcot a few years back and there are two lakes on the ladygrove estate. Good mixed fishery and good sport, Think its day ticket duuring the week about £7 a day from Acorn Angling in Didcot. Speak to T
  7. I would suggest also a cheap loaf mashed up and Vitalin. You may want to liquidise the Vitalin. I think also there are diffrnet varities of vitalin on the market now but i used the original one in the yellow bag. Comes in all diffrent size bags and is fairly cheap. Had some good weights of Carp and Bream using viatalin and simply adding micro pellets and liquid attractants.
  8. I have a mat as im told you always have to have one and most day ticket venues demand you use one which is fair enough. However given the choice i would use grass or vegatation but normally use my landing net as i think its a bit safer to be honest. Im not a rule braker when i fish but sometimes its easier to us a net or vegatation when know ones looking.
  9. HI All. New to the forum and have a couple of questions surrounding paste which i hope some of you could anwser for me please. I know you can use Swim stim groundbait as a paste but can you use any ground bait as pastes. Has anyone tried and if so what results did you have? A number of venues where i fish BAN groundbait, I appreciate that the reason its banned is anglers balling in kilo after kilo but if you use groundbait as paste do you think you could justify that with the owner? I suppose the anwser to the question is simply ask the owner. Thank you in advance. MoNo
  10. Hi Colin. Give this a try as i have had this myself. Restart PC in safe mode Then navigate to C:\Users and rename don't delete your user profile. Rename it to something like ZZZ Then click start, run, and type regedit Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList” (Look through each Profile key under this reg key and view the “ProfileImagePath” to find which key is related to which user so you should see something like this ProfileImagePath Reg_Expand_SZ C:\Users\ your username. Once you find your user profi
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    Hi All. New to the site, Im a pleasure angler more tan anything else so hope to pick up a few tips and hopefully give some too. Thanks MoNo
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