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  1. Hi Guys, just bought a carp rod and was given A reel from my Grandad which hasn't been used in years. i took the old line off and started putting some new line on, it turned fine for A few seconds but then wouldn't take on any more line(empty spool). ive checks the rear drag, the free spool lever and the front drag. made sure they are both tight and the lever isn't on free spool. any ideas why the spool just spins in the same direction that the bailarm is turning causing the line to twist and not Go on the spool at all. its almost like the clutch is broken in the reel and i dont dare tak
  2. there is a difference between going and having a bad day and blanking than going having a bad day then knowing how to change your set up to catch if that means different float smaller hooks, lighter line? who knows but they must have some sort of knowledge that we dont which is what makes them something special i think matt hayes or bob nudd. i mean bob nudd has to be somehting special to have won the fish o mania and other titles so many times against so many other great fishermen and women
  3. @newt could you remove the approval thing on my posts please? its rather annoying lol
  4. well i would need a really small size size 18's-20's i dont know what size that is in the usa i know they are graded differently and i dont fish specifically for perch, i go for tench, carp, roach, rudd, bream, anything that is in there i will fish for, if i was going for perch specifically i would use circle hooks if they are so good for perch but i dont so ill stick to my kamasan size 18 b911 barbless hooks. i get them cheap off ebay £5 for 50 hooks instead of £2.20 for 10 hooks from the tackle shop http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-Packets-of-KAMASAN-B911-HOOKS-BARBLESS-Wide-Gape-X-Strong-S
  5. i dont normally get that many deep hooked i think it was a good days fishing with too many greedy perch, the place is rammed with them. i allways hold the rod if im using the float, only have it on the rests if i get a drink, have a smoke or im using the ledger.
  6. i allways fish light there its the only way to catch they are wary of large hooks and large ammounts of bait and get over fed very easily. i use size 18's or 20's if im struggling for bites, i have the float shot right down so maybe theres only about 2mm of the float showing so any small touch takes it under and i use very light floats so its not that they are taking the bait so far down before the float goes under they are just very greedy perch. im fishing the day and night there tommorow with a mate of mine, got carp rod and alarm off my uncle and gonna get some light sticks for top
  7. no i just use a regular disgorger but if i see one of those in my local tackle shop ill pick one up. pontefract park reservoir is covered in weed with no clear patches from what i can tell so i have to fish up in the water so fishing shallower isnt really gonna help because the bait is off the bottom anyway, i allways strike as soon as i see the float move before it goes under unless its a quick bite then nobody can react quick enough to a bite that just takes the float under quicker than you can see it. i think its just the way that perch feed thats the problem with deep hooking becau
  8. thanks for your comments. yes i can use a disgorger but when the hook is so far down the fish and wrapped around its stomache i dont want to put the disgorger right down there and push to release the hook because itd burst the swim bladder(what keeps the fish upright) and kill it ive had it happen before. i allways use barbless (barbed have a better hold but cause damage, i dont even use micro barb....) i allways try and catch then unhook and release as quick as possible without stressing the fish out any more than it will be (id be stressed if id just been hooked and pulled out of the w
  9. hi guys, im new to the forums so be nice haha i have just had the best days fishing in a long time today, well i had a heavy one last night and woke up feeling like death this morning(few too many i think) so i decided to go fishing and get some fresh air to help cure the hangover. for those of you who live in west yorkshire you will know we have had a heatwave for about 3 weeks now and constant sun(not complaining) but the sun had a bad effect on the fishing, now today its been overcast and a bit cooler. ive allways had good fishing at the pontefract racecourse reservoir even though its
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