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  1. hi Can I use a carp rod with a feeder the carp rod is a 3.5lb test curve and the feeder is a 22g 3/4oz cage feeder thanks
  2. Hi do I use braided line for mainline and hooklenth or just hooklenth thanks
  3. Thanks guys
  4. Hi Can anybody recommend any carp rods for beginner in a cheap price range thanks
  5. Hi all I am thinking of going to turners pool in near Macclesfield just wondering does any know what sort of fish are in there and what tackle and bait to use Thanks
  6. what feeder rod would u suggest (UNDER £20)
  7. Its just going to be a small cage feeder
  8. I have been waggler fishing for 2 years but I want to start feeder fishing could i just buy a cage feeder and use my waggler rod its a Ron Thompson 13ft waggler rod instead of buying a new rod Thanks
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