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  1. I could have been mistaken but I truly believe there were 8 responses shown. Right after I posted this, it indicated 1 response (mine). Sorry for the misinformation!
  2. I noticed that there were 8 responses to your post but they are no where to be found! What's up?
  3. I'd rather be a hook than a fish! I'd rather be a dick than a prick! I'd rather be a gynecologist than a ,,,,!
  4. I'd rather be a hammer than a nail! Jake
  5. Happy holidays to all of you across the water! Always keep your head up and have a safe 2003. Jake [ 28. December 2002, 05:17 PM: Message edited by: Jake ]
  6. Yes Big Al, I would have loved it if she stood up for herself and administrated some of his own medicine to Prince Charming. Over the years I have worked with a number of female officers and I put this one on the top of the list because of her complete work ethics. She has one disadvantage. She is 5'1" and weighs in at about 100 lbs. Having said that, this was the reason she was selected to drive the royal limo. The Queen doesn't want members that are big, because it obstructs her view. Not to give you the impression that all our people are this petite, I work with a chap who is 6'3" and 285 lbs. I stated to her that she should have keyed open the mike so that the rest of the motorcade could have heard the royal fuss. I doubt that she will experience the likes of this kind of treatment on future visits. I have wondered how I would have handled the incident if I were driving L-1. I'm curious as to how you would have reacted? I have been supervising and driving in motorcades since 1986. I want to add that I was the driver of the 2nd. limo for nine days during Expo 86, with Lady Diane and Prince Charles. It was one of the most memorable visits that I have had the pleasure and honour of being part of. It was simply marvellous! Fond memories still linger to this day. Jake [ 14. October 2002, 02:57 PM: Message edited by: Jake ]
  7. I know I said that I was leaving but I thought of you guys when this occurred in Vancouver on the 07th. of October. I hope you don't mind one more true story. The Queen and the Prince were being taken to an official engagement in our 14 car motorcade. The driver of the Queen's limo works with me on a regular shift. Now, picture this if you will! You are the driver of this vehicle and there are two security cars leading the way. The motorcycles are in front of them, setting the pace. On an average you are travelling 30 kms. and you drop it down to 20 kms when the people on the street are there to see the Queen. You have rehearsed the routes prior to their arrival. You are nervous and excited in the role that has been chosen for you. The big day arrives and the Queen and her husband are in your vehicle. You are heading towards an official site with them and they are constantly screaming instructions and I mean screaming, that you are either going too fast or too slow. Folks, you can't go any faster or slower because of the lead vehicles are in front of you. Any normal person would know this and especially if you have been escorted in the past numerous times. This didn't seem to make a difference to the Royal couple and they persisted carrying on like two spoiled rock stars. It doesn't end here! While in motion, the so called Prince grabs our member's red serge and yanks the shoulder back with force, then yells loudly into the driver's ear, regarding the speed. On top of everything else, this was one of our "female" members he was manhandling. It takes a lot of guts pushing a women around in this uncalled fashion. She was very disturbed over the treatment she had received by this thug. There was no excuse for his rude and obnoxious behaviour. This guy is a piece of work. Our higher ups had been advised of his actions but it will go no where, I'm sorry to say. I had been with this loose canon two times in the past and expected as much. I'm still thoroughly ****** off with the way he treated our member. Where's the dignity and grace that these people are suppose to radiate? Jake [ 12. October 2002, 03:18 AM: Message edited by: Jake ]
  8. [ 12. September 2002, 04:46 AM: Message edited by: Jake ]
  9. Why me, Alan? Why not my ugly twin instead. He deserved her more than I did. Remember, Mom called him a prick(s) and for good reasons. Jake
  10. DMCA (Run?), that was no mask. It's my jock strap which could be mistaken as a mask. Don't worry about it. Everyone makes the same mistake here in Canada. I must admit that I wear it only to get a seat on the bus. For some reason people move away from me and I get a seat no matter how busy the bus is. Go figure! Jake
  11. [ 12. September 2002, 04:06 AM: Message edited by: Jake ]
  12. This is what I'm talking about! I don't know what to say, but thanks for the "Bye". I love you man. You have been great. I'm going to miss your way with words. There isn't a person on this board that can hold a candle to you. One word says it all, doesn't it? Bye! Powerful and then again, meaningful. Jake
  13. I came on this BB to have a little fun but I ended up knocking over the English apple cart. It was not my initial intent to do,.but nonetheless, it happened. I'm going to try and find a site where the skin is thicker, the sheep aren't frightened, many impostors, no language barrier (dropping the U in color) and where men are not afraid to admit that they wear their baby dolls or women's' panties, under their waders or that they crap in them, when the bite is on. It's a tall order but I will find it! Take care my little English muffins.......... Jake PS. To my ugly twin: Mom always liked me best! I now understand why. [ 12. September 2002, 02:13 AM: Message edited by: Jake ]
  14. Ask her about relieving yourself in waders - would be interested to know the response Now you are trying to get me into trouble. I'm not going for the bait. I've got 16 months to go (30 years), before I retire. Jake
  15. Everything was running smoothly until you got back! Jake
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