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  1. Thank you very much Mr Administrator, I appreciate your help. I don't see anything relating to services for anglers here other than the various places like Ebay as used for buying tackle. There certainly aren't many professional Taxidermists available here in the UK nowadays. A dying trade you might say. Pardon the pun. Should anyone ever require a trophy mount they only need P.M. me and I'll be happy to undertake anything.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm an ocasional trout fisherman up here in West Yorkshire. More to the point however, I am also a 60 year old chap who retired early last December after 40 years of being a professional Taxidermist. This past ten months have driven me stirr crazy. So much so that I have decided to only semi retire, and only mount fish. Fish were a speciality for me, despite me doing hundreds over the years, compared to birds and mamals I didn't mount anywhere near as many. I have worked on most animals large, and small from Pygmy shrews to Shire horses. I am definitely past the labour intensi
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