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  1. Thanks mate much appreciated 👍👍
  2. Hi guys can anybody recommend a good club to join I've been with Uxbridge rovers for 7 years but it's chaged over the years it's all about carp Don't get me wrong I like carp but love all course fish Any advice would be much appreciated
  3. Hi , I'm trying to find a syndicate water around denham Uxbridge iver Langley ect , I'd like a mixed fishery but I'm finding it hard to track any down can anybody help please👍 Thanks guys
  4. Yeh the winning bag was only 28lb Maggots seem to be the best bait The guy next to me fished bread but not much joy The carp were hard to temp , peg 8 was the best the wind seemed to miss that side and the temp was better that side without the wind hitting you I hardly managed to use the pole as the side wind would take every time I shipped out
  5. Hi mate , it was wood lane iver, about 20 pepole it was hard fishing tho
  6. Fished my first match today , won my section and came 4 😄👍 good day one carp the rest skimmers , bream roach and Rudd Great fun
  7. Willinghurst Fisheries , has anybody fished here and if so any Recomedations on lake and bait?
  8. Willinghurst Fisheries , has anybody fished here and if so any Recomedations on lake and bait?
  9. Yeh I'd agree my confidence in this section will never be the same but as you say with lighter elastic it very good
  10. Hi guys I'm off to robins wood next Tuesday any advice on fly selection , I will be hard cold and overcast Thanks guys
  11. Hi guys ,I recently posted that I wanted to embark on a match fishing career but after taking some time to review some posts on hear I remembered what brought me back to fishing and it wasn't 300lb bags of weight but memory's of fishing with my dad waiting , yes waiting for my float to dip or my rod to bend round but most of the time blanking But when we did catch it was great Thanks for reminding me you old boys talk sense
  12. Anderoo , this is why I joins this forum to learn , and my view has been changed bye the response of posts iv revived (john ) by taking time to exsplane to a fisherman retuning to fishing now since I was a lad what the problems with modern day fishing and the damage of these type of fisherys is having on it So thank you for your views
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