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  1. We are looking for contributors for a new online angling magazine. Unlike some of the more known publications we have listen to what you the average angler want to read, there will be a strict monitoring on advertising and brands being plucked left right and centre. We will not have any celebrity anglers featured in the publication, we want the average angler to have a chance to share there knowledge and skills, we also want your catch photos along with stories and question you may have. If you are interested in contributing then please find us on Facebook under the name Angling Monthly.
  2. Hi mate, cheers for the comment, id rather the music there then the traffic noise and chavs shouting there mouth off in the background lol, I use flyweight scales and even I was surprised at the weight, was a thick fish in the shoulders but will get them checked just incase.
  3. I was sponsored by TFG, nice gear but as a company they couldn't care less about the people that work for them.
  4. Not much joy on Friday but sneaked in an hour on the river today, still in full flood so happy with the result, please subscribe and join us on our Facebook page. www.facebook.com/bythewatersidebaits.com
  5. Bax farm was the first lake I ever fished, I used to as a boy go into unity tackle and talk fishing all day long with Steve, he was a really nice bloke and this has been really devastating news, I can not really go into detail what happen as iv been speaking with his daughter and the police are holding information from the family, so out of respect all I can say is he was shot, reason are unknown at present.
  6. Thought some of you may like this.enjoy Apologies for the removal, here it is again in working order. Please share with your friends, give our page a like and subscribe, above all else, enjoy.
  7. Does anyone have any info on this club in kent?
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