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  1. Hi Looking at going pike fishing on Loch Ken has anybody been up there to fish for pike in the last 12 months. I am told that the creyfish have started to make dead baiting adifficult? Peter
  2. Hi Getting fresh sandells is not always easy, I have caught them with a prawn push net off the yorkshire coast and scotland. In yorkshire on a few low tides in spring they just pop up as the tide turns after they have spawned. With practice you can flick them from the sand at low water by dragging a knife backwards through the sand but you have to be in the right location. I have always wanted to try a trow net but the cost puts me off. I tend to use good quality frozen or the plastic holigramatic type.
  3. Hi All my fishing apart from for ling/conger is done with light tackle. Your carp rods are fine for lots of fishing but I would buy a cheap real as you do not want to use good carp reels in the sea. I loke to float fish and lure fish for bass and pollack. If you let me know what part of the coast you are fishing I should be able to give more help.
  4. Jet Drives Has anybody any experience with jet drives? I have a 25 foot fishing boat fitted with a 75 hp ford and a Sonic stern drive. I am overpowered for the Sonic stern drive and am looking at alternative drive systems. I am bringing the boat home for a full refit at the end of the season so will have time for major alterations. I would like to get away from the complex Z drive system I know that it would be easy to fit a Volvo stern drive but am worried on reliability. I like the principal of a jet drive and have been looking at Hamilton Jet drives as they seem to be the leaders. The h
  5. Fishing The Mull Of Galloway 20 July to 5 August 2006-08-06 First Trip Port Logan Started fishing from the rocks with float fished sandeel worked well with lots of pollack to 2 1/2 lb with all fish returned. When I had ran out of frozen snadeel changed over to 3D hologram type sandeel lure fished with a 1 oz bullet and a 3 ft trace. I had lots of follows but the takes were few (water very clear ) On the packet I noted it said to try free lined the lure. Off with the bullet and a long wait for the lure to sink with only a short cast along side the kelp. The first cast resulted in a 4 ½
  6. I am going to target bass in Luce Bay, in the past I have mainly used plugs and spinners. This year I want to try natural baits. I know I can trap prawns but am unsure if bass will take them and how to fish them. Thinking of float fishing them live?. Next is sandeel I have used frozen in the past but would like to try fresh either as live bait or dead bait. The problem is how to catch them. I have looked at throw nets but the ones I have seen seem to have to larger mesh. I have tried pulling a knife blade backwards through the sand but only got a couple. Can they be caught on hook or by t
  7. Hi Dave Glen I have tried trolling and casting repalas also with not takes from bass did get some mackrel though last year. I want to catch some frech sandeel and try livebaiting for them. I have concidered joey mackrel but understand that the limit for them at Whitby is larger than the rest of uk. I will have a big push for bass later this year and may just target them. I keep saying I will also have a try for tope on day. Peter
  8. I have had some good evenings on the pollack in past years. In Scotland on the Mull of Galloway I use both troll and slow retrive. I have tried trolling at Whitby but the fish do not seem to want to rise to the lures. I have had some sucsess with float fishing with sandell and belly strip from mackrel but the depths on the rough ground vary to much and I lost lots of gear. I learnt to fish from a Ian Burnett with the slow retrive and not to strike at the plucks at the bait or lure. With this method I use a small weight on a long boom running ledger with a seven or eight foot trace. Just l
  9. FOOL-FISH or FOOL ME I have succumbed and bought a bottle of FOOL_FISH spray. When I put it on the lures it did not seem to make any differance to the apperance. Has anybody else tried this lure and bait enhance spray ?. Does it work ? or is it only anglers who are hooked by it . I am going up to Luce Bay soon bass fishing so will give it a try on my bass lures and baits.
  10. On Saturday 15 July we were pirking with shads mainly in shallow water less then 20 m. The fishing was difficult with wind and tide together. On the sounder we kept marking fish at about 10 meters so set two very light spinning rods with small 2 inch shads. We just let them fish themselves whilst we pirked only to have them bend hard over ending up with a pollack of about 3 to 4 lb giving very good sport on light gear. I then stopped pirking and set two rods up to fish on the fast drift. Continued to catch the pollack and on cod by that method untill wind turned against tide. Funny how trying
  11. Look on EBAY i got two new ABU 5600 for £60 the pair . Also look at the factory reconditioned Penns.
  12. I understand that my main dab and plaice mark has took a hammering from the comercial boys. I have yet to try it this year properly but will give it a try soon. The best I did get was over 2 lb but for last two years I have had nothing over 1 1/2 lb. I want to try for some bass this year from the boat and may also try for a tope off one of the headlands.
  13. Does anybody else use light tackle for cod fishing. I fish out of Whitby from my own boat and for several years I have been using light spinning rods to catch good cod. Last Saturday I had the first 10 lb plus cod on my own boat, it was a 10 lb 4 oz and I caught it on a shad with 14 lb braid fished on a 40 grm spinning rod with a ABU 5600. The fight it gave in shallow water was so much better than using the normal 30 lb poker of a rod. On the Sunday we fished again and finished up with 12 cod to 8 1/2 lb again all caught on shads or 2 oz pirks. I am convinced that I hook more fish using small
  14. Hi Went to Langdale Lakes had a good time fishing. The weather was against me as it was to warm. I did catch common carp to 10 lb and mirror to 7 lb plus lots of crusion bream and a tench. I will be going again. Thank you
  15. Hi I am trying to find a caravan site in the lincoln area that has a course fishing lake. I would like a mixed fishery but with a good stock of tench and some carp. I require an electric hook up and a site that takes dogs would be prefered. Tight Lines Peter
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