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  1. OK, can you make a recommendation please?
  2. Hi, can anyone tell me if Steadfast is a good course fishing rod brand? or if it is not what should i be looking for as a novice with aspirations!? Many thanks. Looking at using rods for carp, tench, etc.
  3. Thanks for the advice... I am fishing with the other rods in the kit with some success!
  4. Hi I am new to carp fishing and got a job lot of kit from eBay. One of the items was a combo 9ft rod capable of being used as a float rod or a ledger rod (by adding a quiver tip - screw in). Alas the quiver tip is missing and i want to get one, only i am told the thread is not the 'universal type'? Does anyone know where I can get one? thanks
  5. Hi I am new to course carp fishing and based in the UK. I have acquired a Silstar rod that is suitable for float or with a quiver tip can use as a ledger rod. BUT!! the quiver tip is missing and it is not a universal thread :-( Does anyone know where i can get one? Thanks
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