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  1. I have just returned from Ireland, went from 14/5/15 to 23/5/15 including journey days in a group of 8 anglers based at Shannon Harbour, have been going since 1989 so know the local venues to fish at this time of year. We arrived to find the Shannon and Suck rivers in the fields and the weather was atrocious for the first few days of the trip with low temperatures, rain, hail and extremely high winds which improved slightly on the last few days We still managed to catch everyday wherever we went. The days of 100lb bream bags are gone basically because there are so many roach on every sing
  2. Like most others on here was taken by my Dad to start mostly on the River Lea but he was no fisherman and we basically<br />muddled through.<br /><br />Then joined Edmonton & Tottenham AC junior section in the sixties when I would guess I about twelve years old and used to go on there outings mostly on the Thames. Learnt quite a bit from the older guys there especially how to look after<br />their kit when they went down the pub. Remember the man who helped run the junior section who was Ron Oliver a bit of a legend and a great fisherman.<br /><br />Stil
  3. What magnificent creatures.
  4. Hi Budgie Could not say for sure but pretty certain that is the case. Best regards Graham
  5. There are zander in Stanborough lake but you are not allowed to fish for them and any caught accidently are to be killed. I think that is the current state of play but am happy to be corrected by anybody in the know.
  6. Hi Jay Go to the Davis Tackle site and then read the Throop reports, couple of telephone numbers there and an email address you can use, the guys there are generally pretty helpful.
  7. Check out the lakes first Dales last I heard Reggie and Ronnie lived there as well
  8. Hi Dales Dont know where you are fishing the Lea obviously but I would say the crayfish problem has receded slightly in the last few years. Around seven to eight years ago it was possible to go crayfishing below Fieldes Weir where the old power station water intake is and catch up to 500 in a two to three hour stint with four drop nets and the river was absolutely stiff with them upstream and down. I fish the Lea reasonably regularly and in the last couple of seasons certainly in the Rye House, Fieldes Weir, Stort catchment area have noticed a decline in their numbers. In fact I fi
  9. Went to Rib Valley Fishery Hertfordshire which was absolutely full of ducklings of all sorts of sizes and it was very noticeable how the broods declined relative to their sizes with the ones that were just virtually out of the eggs consisting of 9-12 ducklings right through to the larger ones that were down to one or two left and that is in the lake there that is virtually pikeless. Did not catch mutch apart from roach and rudd up to about 8oz but absolute joy to be there early yesterday morning all sorts of birds to be seen.
  10. I would think Dales Camilla does it for him
  11. Nich, You can ring me any evening after 20.00 on 01992 442630
  12. Unfortunately Nich that is not part of the lough that I know I have fished Lanesborough, Galley Bay, Hudson Bay, Barrymore Point, Athlone and Inny Mouth and spent many a boating holiday on the lough, is it pike fishing or coarse fishing you are interested in?
  13. Hi Nicholas Whereabouts are you staying might be able to help a bit as I know some of the areas around the lough but it is a very big place.
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