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  1. Just checked and I am now allowed apparently its only meat that's off limits ffs
  2. So I'm struggling to find somewhere that allows surface fishing in the Doncaster area, I'm not entirely sure why it's banned in the places that I've visited.
  3. I might just have to 🎣 I might just have to 🎣
  4. it might be being filed under B1N if that's the case
  5. If it was worth something I would have sold it however I might get into pole fishing now
  6. so I picked up a lot of fishing job lot items and one of the things there is an Avanti sledgehammer 9.5m commercial carp design and I was wondering how much it's worth Thanks
  7. I just don't want to be ripped off all I meant by cheap but good quality is good quality just not too expensive
  8. From what I've found loaded floats on eBay are really expensive what sort of floats do you use
  9. So I'll be doing some fishing at the weekend and it'll be a bit of surface fishing and a bit of general fishing if that makes sense. Ive thought of getting some Bubble floats Loaded waggler floats Loaded insert wagglers If anyone has got some better ideas or where I could buy some cheapest but good quality floats that would be appreciated. Obviously shops outside of Doncaster would be a bit hard but online websites would be great
  10. Thanks for all the helpful tips
  11. Thanks would toasting keep it on the hook longer
  12. Is old bread ok to use as surface fishing bait and when is it passed using
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