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  1. Hi all, as the title suggests I'm looking to get into fishing but after a few days of looking at what to buy I'm still none the wiser. I live in Worcester right next to a good stretch of the river Severn, so for the location I'm sorted. It's fast flowing, narrow in parts and at the moment it's quite low. People have suggested float fishing to start with but I thought that was hard to do on fast moving stretches of water? I very much like the sound of feeder fishing so I've been looking at those types of rods. This is a rod that I've come across quite a bit. Am I right in thinking that feeder fishing and ledgering can be done on the same rod as they both use a quiver tip to register bites? http://www.fishtec.co.uk/buy.cfm/feeder-rods/tf-gear-banshee-11-13'-allrounder-rod/40/yes/56207 Other then the rod I haven't got very far because I'm not sure what I'll need, it says it comes with a reel but is that pre-loaded with line or do you generally buy that separately? I'd go down to my local tackle shop but it isn't very local and it's awkward to get to. My budget can be up to around £300 all-in so if you have any suggestions or advice I'd very much welcome them. My license just arrived in the post and I can't wait to get started. Obviously I'll stick around if you need me to answer any questions.. Thanks
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