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  1. Good luck everyone I've got my fingers firmly crossed for you guys. Gutted I wasn't able to attend this year.
  2. Thanks again for giving people the chance to fish such a special place Steve. Fingers and toes crossed I'll be there
  3. Just to keep all the catch report together ... We blanked unfortunaly. Only real excitment was at around 2am, one at a time, all 3 rods beeped into life right to left. I suspect a shoal of "somthing" was passing through. I really hope it wasnt the bream but I will never really know, but thats the great thing about Wingham, it keeps you guessing This morning I was woken up by the geese and their goslings, dont know who got the bigger shock as they all turned up at the bivvy door Good luck for the last night guys, We are currently drying off after this mornings downpours lol. As always, a MASSIVE thank you to all those involved in getting the fish-in together. Its one of the few events each year I really look forward too. If im lucky enough to be able to attend next year, I will try and get my head round how the gate locks work lol. Didnt seem to matter what code I tried the things didnt want to let me out
  4. Hi all, Just a quick question. Can I use 3 rods if I have 1 FULL license and 1 x 24hour license ? Its very rare I use 3 rods so would rather not have to pay another 27£ just for the VERY odd occassion. The above question is mainly aimed for fishing at Wingham this year. Many thanks, Joel
  5. Not long to go now One of the few things I look forward to each year, just hope Im able to get a spot.
  6. J.K


    You could mount any of the cameras onto the actual detecor if you feel wearing it isnt ideal As for the GoPro. Its not toooo bad in the dark. This was filmed in moonlight. To my eyes it was just light enough to see my hand infront of my face. http://youtu.be/YgwSLSZlGeY?t=5m41s
  7. Always look out for this post, thanks Steve
  8. Thanks chaps Could easily tempt a few more species but would require changing gear as too many pike to justify fishing without a wire trace. Have had pike here take lures as small as 1inch
  9. Had a great day yesturday manging to catch all 4 species on lures. Usually its the Zander that play hard to get but for what ever reason they came up the river in force, catching 3 in 3 casts !!
  10. Finally got round to editing a days worth of video. A few hours from the morning and again in the afternoon (hence the hoody change lol) The rod in the video, spro insync, is one I won recently. Its turning out to be a great tool for my style of fishing. Light, sensitive and loads of backbone. If you get the chance to give one a waggle I would suggest you do! Pike, Perch and Chub caught in the below video, a hat-trick on film and a great way to start the season 8)
  11. Glad you guys have enjoyed it I like to think I can look back at these videos with fond memories and maybe catch a few "odd" goings on lol. I have a real soft spot for Perch. They can be hard to catch at times on lures, but when they are in a "pack" and hunting they seem to hammer any moving target lol. I hope to upload more videos over the coming season now I have got the hang of using the GoPro. May try and mount a little higher on the chest next time though.
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