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  1. Adz


    If they'll take lures (which, according to the Ferox85 group, they will) then you can make flies they'll take. Fishing them on a 'traditional' fly fishing set up might be tricky, but there's no reason why a fly couldn't, or shouldn't, be fished on coarse gear with down riggers. Must try harder...
  2. Adz


    Tsk... he'll be using lead weights before we know it! Not exactly cricket is it?
  3. Adz


    What fly did it take?
  4. Adz

    Fishing the buzzer

    It's worth noting that with a relatively short leader and a cross breeze your flies will fish higher in the water as they're being towed by the fly line moving in the breeze. Arthur Cove recommended a 20+ foot leader with 3 flies at varying 6 foot intervals for fishing Grafham - bit of a PITA to cast unless you're good at it ;-) If you're dead against any sort of sight indicator, including a dry fly on the top dropper, or if you're only allowed one fly on your cast - de-grease the leader up to your required depth and then grease the rest of it up to and including the top of the fly line. The greased section should stop the fly from sinking the whole leader and makes a nice little dimple in the surface film that you can watch for takes - not as easy as it sounds if there's a bit of a ripple though. Cheers,
  5. Adz

    first casts

    It's a vibrant lime green/yellow colour ;-) Cheers,
  6. Adz

    Rainbows ...

    That's the one! Not a million miles from Lancashire I suppose ;-) Cheers for clearing that up MJB,
  7. Adz

    Rainbows ...

    Hmm... last I heard somewhere in Lancashire was the only population of spawning rainbows in the UK - could well have changed though. Will try to find out the exact spot. Used to be some in the river Chess - but I gather they've all gone now. Small rainbows elsewhere could easily be escapee's from trout farms. Salmon parr are very similar to young rainbows too. Best pictures I can find are: Rainbow Parr: http://missouririvermitigation.usace.army....es/rbtparr4.jpg Atlantic Salmon Parr: http://www.pbmphoto.com/sal-90-44.gif Cheers,
  8. Adz

    Rainbows ...

    Rainbows are indigenous to the North Americas. The lake Taupo 'bows (and browns come to that) are all stockies or fish descended from stockies. Cheers,
  9. Try Hugh O'Reilly at the Sharpes of Aberdeen shop in Marylebone - 020 7258 1233 He'll almost certainly be able to put you onto something within reach. Cheers,
  10. Adz

    first casts

    Definitely practice with something on the end of the leader - otherwise how can you tell your leader will be turning over properly when you try turning practice into fishing? If you're on grass then a fly will be a RPITA as it will keep getting caught up - to imitate something heavy like a clouser try a small tube fly with a coarse fishing swivel tied where the hook would normally be. For lighter flies use a section of zonker strip (rabbit skin, usually dyed) tied to the end of the leader. Cheers, [ 30. April 2005, 12:17 PM: Message edited by: Adz ]
  11. Adz

    No-fail flies

    GRHE Nymph Detached body daddy. Realistic damsel nymph Mind you... I'd probably starve, but I'd enjoy it ;-) If I was looking just to slaughter fish - then the following: Small bucktail and white marabou clouser with a fair bit of gold flash in it Yellow and white fritz bunny leech Minkie Would probably be more likely to keep body and soul together - but then I'd probably top myself out of boredom after a week. Cheers,
  12. Hehe - not as much as a couple of bars of soap ;-p
  13. Salmon are a saltwater fish migrating into freshwater - after more than a week or so in freshwater the fish is stale and not considered good eating. The farmed sh1te is taken straight from the tidal area of a loch, i.e. salt water. In fact, the smaller the fish the more the salt will ingress in the same amount of time. Cheers,
  14. Granted, if you leave it in the salt long enough it will kill most bacteria - it will also taste very salty! I'll stick with cooking mine and recomending that people don't eat raw freshwater fish ;-) Cheers,
  15. That one at Higham - was it called Oakleigh Farm? If it's the one I'm thinking of it's got a couple of 40,000 volt power lines running directly over the fishery! Didn't make for a very relaxing time casting. Cheers,
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