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  1. Thanks i will i just wondered if you had any recomendations as i dont want to buy two rods- i want one that will play little fish but will have all the power to tame a 10lb plus carp or tench. I was looking at a Daiwa 13" vulcan x power match rod these are 39.99 would these be any good for carp?
  2. Hi all I am getting a new rod for my birthday and i want a rod as flexible as a match rod suitable for roach fishing on ponds and rivers but will be fine for big tench and carp- up to 12lb in lakes. I have a budget of no more than £30 and i would like to order it from a shop not the net. Can anyone help?
  3. Thanks both of you! Im going to fish a lake on saturday so il try all depths until i hit the right one it is about 4-5ft deep but 8ft in the very middle where all the BIG carp seem to hang around (20lb+)!! but i only have 10lb line so im fishing in the 4ft water for Carp up to 15lb and thench which average at 6lb. Thanks for the help.
  4. I recently went to a big lake in a country park which had BIG carp, Pike, Perch and rudd i nearly blanked out as all i caught was a Perch weighing in at 3/4 lb! The problem i think was the depth but anyway at lest i didnt blank out. Then i went to my local pond which touch wood i have caught at least one roach or Carp each time but this was freelining corn or breadflake or using a very mismatched waggler setup which hardly caught anything. I would like to know what depth people fish for Carp/Roach or tench at as was either fishing just on the bottom or very shallow hoping for surface bites. Ad
  5. I forgot to mention that it is a really big lake so finding Carp ont the surface is near impossible i was thinking of using some carp groundbait then ledgering over the blanket of groundbait any ideas? P.s Sorry but is a zig rig similar to a bolt rig? Thanks Craig
  6. On saturday im fishing my local(ish) lake which has tench, Carp, roach, Pike and some perch in. My mate and i are targerting the Carp and Tench hopefully and im using two rods one with a float set up with sweetcorn or lobworm baited and the other rod im ledgereing a floating dog biscuit. Any advice or useful tips? Thanks Craig
  7. Thanks Steve! Thats a great help to me. Thanks Again Craig
  8. Its ok its not a 'Carp Reel' its a fladen tectronic but its quite good and cheap the rod was also no that expensive so i am still going!! Anyone got any advice on the previous post?
  9. Although i posted a topic similar to this a while back i am again but different this time! I am going to Filey for the spring bank and i am using my carp rod and reel and using lead weights to cast out of the pier. Im unsure though about the bait and the rig im going to use because knowing my look my rig will end up getting tangled! also what fish are normally caught of the filey pier? Thanks Craig
  10. Hi after going to my localist water a few months back only to catch a 1/4 pound roach in a eight hour session but me off but in the local paper it said it had been re-stocked but my mate went and said there of lots of double figure Carp but they are very wary and will not take anything on a feeder or using a lead so the float is the only method i can try but what bait will they not be freaked out by? thanks Craig
  11. quote: A 2.5lb test curve rod sounds a bit extreme with 6lb line. sorry if i sound dum but why? Thanks for the help Apache the water is normally fished for roach and only some carp anglers fish it so it is not heavily fished, if possible i would like to use a float setup but i dont know how to produce the bait to the Carp properly.
  12. Hi, I started fishing last August and i have been fishing my local pond for roach since. but recently i have got a carp rod an a decent reel with 6lb line loaded in it and i was wondering whether or not to target the Carp in the pond which are up to 9lb? My carp rod is 2.5lb tc so it will definitely handle them but i dont know where to start. Can anyone assist me? thanks Craig p.s I have never even had a Carp on so this is why im asking. Thanks again
  13. Thanks Chesters1 what tactics and bait should i use? I ahve a 2.5tc Carp rod, one Match rod and a telescopic rod. How big are the fish from the Piers or Beach.
  14. Hi all, I know this should be in the Sea Forum but i am going to Filey today until monday night and i was wondering if anyone has fished the sea with their coarse Fishing Gear Thanks Craig
  15. Thanks Mr Trup do you have an internet address? [ 01. May 2003, 07:24 PM: Message edited by: Craig Robins ]
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