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  1. I don`t find casting the joy(I can`t lol),its the ease in which you control your float and bait once its in the water that makes a pin so special.It just goes with the flow. I only use it when the mood takes me,fun for tench too.
  2. Sorry to dissapoint you but you`ve moved to the wrong part of the country !! The fish still haven`t started to feed up here,once they do they`ll spawn and go to sleep again for the winter.!
  3. Well done Elton,congratulations,great site and great people.
  4. I can`t see many people returning for maggots if there over a week old never mind 6-8 weeks,they`ll shrink and toughen up. I add maize flour riddle them off and repeat as neccessary.
  5. ~Some of the snow has melted up here~
  6. magnetic box for me,a hook doesn`t need a label,I just pick the right one out for the job .Saves havin all those packets cluttering your box/bag up.
  7. I`d be worried if I was an Eastern European with a penchant for fish barbie`s !!..................................And even more worried if i was his night fishin buddy!!!
  8. River levels for the Tyne Toady. http://www.fishpal.com/England/Tyne/RiverLevels.asp?dom=Tyne
  9. free Okuma reel offer inside this weeks if you take up a subscription
  10. Well me Nimbus pants are looking a bit tattered but I see Sundridge don`t make that set anymore.Anyone know which of the new range is the equivilent as its top gear in my opinion... unless someone can persuade me there`s better? Cheers Dogstick
  11. Hi,i read last year someone had a 5lb+ Perch outta there !!
  12. Terrible,I know other parents who have suffered the same,good families too!! I hope your son can turn back before he`s dragged down the slippery slope of "carpin in france" !!
  13. Has someone cut the fins and tail down to make it look bigger !!
  14. Up where in the relative north? Or do you mean down there in the relative south ?
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