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  1. Cheers for the replies. The reason for inquiring was that I am starting to build a kayak. I'm sure I'll have to license it as well. This will be down the road a bit though. One more question Peter. Why is it alright for a horse to crap in my driveway but not alright for dogs? There are signs everywhere saying "NO FOULING"
  2. Can anyone tell me if boating is prohibited during the close season on rivers? I didn't go near the river during this time although I did see a few boats on the canal. Cheers
  3. On this note Elton, I wanted to thank you for getting the t-shirts off so quicky. The medium was a bit too big for my daughter but she'll be able to wear it for a night shirt for a few more years. Wore mine today for the first time. Wasn't thinking when I set up the address, which was an APO here in the UK. Should have sent my house address instead of a box number. Sorry!!
  4. My daughter told me one the other day. What do you get when you cross a sheep with a kangaroo? A wooly Jumpa
  5. And if that doesn't work try this: http://www.mosquitoweb.nl/
  6. Interestingly enough my wife had to go there to take a class a few weeks ago. She saw her first lady of the evening. I'm sure this draws the finest people to DT Manchester. Hope they catch the little b*******S
  7. I agree with Simon I've tried both and the feedback is horrendous. Go for the headphones or you will have to place the speakers as far away from the mike as possible. Which isn't very far. There is a delay and an echo. Sometimes it takes a while to catch up. Messenger also has a feature that allows you to use a camera. Pretty close to real time too. I've used it to talk to family in the US which saves on cost. My wife and I used it when I was in the AF and she was here in England. Haven't used it in a while though.
  8. I promised myself last night as my daughter didn't want to go fishing today that I would get out and return before she woke up... That promise included getting up at 3am.. Instead I found myself booted out of bed for snoring too loudly (apparently those breathe right strips only work on selective nights). So up at 130am instead surfing AN then off to a chat somewhere in Indiana on a walleye website. Out the door at 4. On site at 410. Caught nowt until I foul hooked a perch about 6 then nothing again until about 730. Small pike with very sharp teeth of which I have a few new holes add
  9. Noted the topic and thought alright maybe there's some tips on how to keep it from coming off the hook so easy... Wrong forum.. Good link Chris. Cheers
  10. Cheers Nugg. Got a couple on the way.
  11. I tried it as well. Click on the pay pal link it works. I've got two on the way. I just hope they help improve my fishing.. Thanks Elton
  12. Are there any Anglersnet Tshirts left and if there are how can I get one? Any thoughts on producing a light shirt with long sleeves?
  13. We had these tonight: Brown a pound of spicy sausage, add a brick of Philidelphia cream cheese (if you can get any) and mix it thoroughly. Take all the stems out of the mushrooms and place the mixture in the bowl of the mushroom. Sprinkle with breadcrumbs and heat in the oven to about 175C or 350F for 20 minutes. Excellent!
  14. After having 3 of the overgrown rodents running around I've gotten quite attached. Wouldn't dream of using them as bait. Elton might have a few thoughts after they've been in his garden though... You would think after the first dunking you would have dead not live bait. Either way it's a disgusting thought. Spindle is right maybe catfish?? We used them live going after Cobia off the Mississippi Gulf coast.
  15. My first mistake after walking into a lumber yard here was to ask if they carried two by fours. After that first blank look I thought I would look around. Interestingly enough you can't buy them here. Only in millimeters. The cider is a bit different as well. In the states you can drink it all day long. Here you don't see the bottom of the third glass. Stumpy Jack.. My favorite. All these saws and lathes. Now if I can only sweet talk the wifey into them...
  16. Thanks Peter, I'll have to give all methods a try. Being from the US.... A spanner is to wrench as a fretsaw is to..... ??? I think I have one. Happy fishing
  17. DG, I've used the regular araldite as well. I don't really like to rush when the stuff cures quickly. Will have to warm it up a bit first. I've only just started carving the bodies, sealing and then painting so the style seems a bit rough at the moment. Applying the araldite with a stick doesn't seem to help matters. There is a lot of sanding afterwards. The sad thing is I haven't managed to catch anything yet with the top water plugs. Cheers for the lathe link Scott. It will definetly simplify matters.
  18. A passion for fising and helping people. Sounds like Derek was a person worth knowing. Such a sad thing to happen. Condolences to you Elton.
  19. Hiya Peter, A while back you posted a thread about lure making. In it you described a lathe that works with a drill. Can you tell me where you found it? Carving the bodies of the lures is fun but time consuming. I need more time to fish!!! Any advice on how to keep the araldite going on smoothly? Cheers
  20. Zapp, this is the same one where they are using lamprey right? I saw it as well this morning. A trace was not all they needed. Apparently they needed a stronger net! I need to get one but I doubt I'll be picking up that particular one or the one that Peter mentions in his thread.
  21. Jeff S


    I'm not sure Bleak are present but I've caught Pike, Perch, Chub, and Trout on the river. Pike and Perch in the canal, and only pike in the lakes that are covered in my local piscatorial area. There is a small lake or pond about two minutes away that has some really nice Tench and carp and I'm sure it has other species as well. I think we'll start there, then try other venues just to see. I've got a few pictures of Pike using one of those instant underwater cameras. I'm interested to see how they turn out. Might make an interesting Avatar??
  22. Jeff S


    DG, a hundred fish in a session? How long was the session? I've never heard of bleak. Maybe I can catch a glimpse when Matt Hayes catches all. We are off to London tomorrow morning to pick her up. I can't wait. I've been after a D camera so I can add some pictures here. Even more so now that we finally will have our visit. Then I'll post what we catch.
  23. Jeff S


    We bought it as a second car. My wife drove it and didn't like it so I get to drive it on a daily basis. It's an H reg and I was surprised that it wasn't rusted out undernearth. I've got to change the bushings on the steering soon. Not looking forward to doing that but I've got access to a lift which makes it easier to work on. Now it's tax and MOT time.
  24. Jeff S


    Bought a 520i about a month ago. I didn't know parts were going to be so expensive. It's amazing how the performance improves after I put new exhaust and tires on. Guess I'll keep at it and add more new parts. I wonder how long it will be before I end up with a new car.
  25. Easy there Scott! It will be in the last place you look... Hope you find it.
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