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  1. It's Tough Being A Man If you put a woman on a pedestal and try to protect her from the rat race, you're a male chauvinist. If you stay home and do the housework, you're a pansy. If you work too hard, there is never any time for her. If you don't work enough, you're a good-for-nothing bum. If she has a boring repetitive job with low pay, this is exploitation. If you have a boring repetitive job with low pay, you should get off your a$$ and find something better. If you get a promotion ahead of her, that is favouritism. If she gets a job ahead
  2. So after countless hours of sitting on the bank (blanking quite often) I caught my first UK pike today at 1430. My only other pike was caught in northern Wisconsin and was about 8 inches in length. Now I can say my PB is 7 pounds. Not big by most standards but does size really matter? My wife seems to think that I take the camera to the store and take pictures of the fish there.. Apaprently I’m also crazy for freezing all day, as she puts it, for no reason. I’ve got one up on her though. If only I could get her to go. It’s not about being cold or pointless, it’s quite relaxing
  3. Hiya Vagabond, I'm sure Newt or Phone can add more. I lived in Texas for three years, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Mississippi as well. All states are a bit different thus the thread from Newt a while back about it being illegal to use corn in Oregon. It's true! Game wardens can and sometimes do take your fishing equipment, including vehicle, boat and then on top of that fine you as well. Depending on the severity of the offense. Usually you can dispute a ticket and fine and the wardens aren't always out to get you. It's always wise to check regulations as they change from state
  4. A quick call to the EA then? I personally don't have a mobile but I've heard them ring on the bank. Usually to the tone of "no nothing yet". I've been reading through archives and have seen numbers for them. On the archives, I just found them but now realize how redundant it all is. Take the time to read and do a search and there it is. Thanks to all for the amount of information. Still looking for that first pike (they've been avoiding me :mad: ) Taking both licenses with me tomorrow. Bailiffs watchout. Snow is still on the ground so we'll see how the lures work..
  5. Where I used to live on the Mississippi Gulf coast we would catch catfish that we called hardheads. A pain to catch especially if you were after something else. Occasionally you would find one laid up in the shallows and a young great blue heron would try to eat it. The wiser ones would peck at the cat to kill it before they ate it, usually right there. The young or new ones would just grab and try to swallow. Funny thing about hardheads was that once they stick their spikes out they are pretty much locked. (and they b*&%#y hurt) :mad: Can you imagine the heron with one of thes
  6. My second time fishing here and I had mine checked.. So am I lucky or what? I've been checked in the states a few times and the last time made the mistake of fishing with my father on their lake in Wisconsin.. $300 dollars later and the "look" from the wife, we now buy them early on. Maybe I can get her to buy them from now on. It would have only cost $14 for an out of state license as I was in the military at the time. Still paying for it though.
  7. I received my first pole when I was about 6yrs old. It was a shimano I think that was telescopic and had batteries inside to assist with setting the hook. I've never seen anything like it since. I also never figured out how it really worked but managed to get my uncles line tangled with mine and caught a rather large 16 inch crappie (white perch) in the states. My father still raves about the size even now 23 years later... Does anyone have or had any strange rods like this?
  8. Hiya Gaffer, I've been lifting for about 9 years. I took some time out once I arrived here and just recently have returned. My wife says my onions are now bigger than hers which means its time to go back or break down and buy support. It takes time and if you are taking any sort of supplement be sure to read the directions carefully, don't exceed the dosage and remember a supplement is just that.. Something to be taken with food. Some people forget to eat while taking them which has a detrimental effect. What I’ve found is to eat and eat a lot. Just be sensible about it. I’m by no
  9. Blanked yesterday, and was run off early from a fishing match that was on. Not sure what the etiquette would have been but I was perfectly happy sitting on a peg and not moving around. I then went to another stretch and fished with a pike pack, dead bait and float fished off the bottom between 8-15 feet. I tried mackerel, herring, and I believe it was roach. Luckily the other better half was kind enough to get me some waterproof pants, a thermos and a chair for Christmas but I think it was a ploy to keep me out of the house and comfortable versus keeping me in. All I can say
  10. The giver and not the receiver.
  11. Thanks DavidP, as it stands I am trying to "learn" the local water and its all on the same river so there shouldn't be a transportation problem. I'll ask at the bait shop what is exceptable and what isn't. Did you mean moving fish from fisheries on the same river? I have about 12 miles to fish. Not trying to be obtuse just curious. I've found some interesting reading here even a post from a suspected peta member. Anyone remember Tackle Box? Cleaning up after other anglers is what bothers me. There is enough rubbish already in the river from non-anglers without having to cont
  12. Thanks for the suggestions fellas. The bait center here in town has quite a bit to choose from, so I'll give them a go. Any reason why I should not take them from the river? Newt, always good for a few tips. If I remember right it was one of your posts last year in regards to taking spoons on the fall. I'm always up for new ideas at least until I find something that works. Seems to keep me warm over here. I'll be up and at it again tomorrow but me thinks it'll be earlier than it was today.
  13. Today I went fishing with the full intent of catching pike. I fished deep and slow in 10-20 feet of water with rubber worms with a 7/0 circle hook rigged with an 18 inch/ 20 lb trace and 30 lb braid. Now the formidable question. Where are the pike? The only thing that I caught was an 8 inch perch on a white worm that was just about as long as the fish was. I also tried a homemade copper spoon that I had hammered dimples into. I found that by changing the shape I could dictate how fast the spoon would flutter to the bottom. I’ve read threads on here about catching on the fall. Tried it
  14. Hmm.. Someone thought it might be funny to send this to me. Disgusting eh? Don't ask. By the way Newt, the ladies would have looked better when they first started. Chesters? Definitely right about the lights. Merry Christmas
  15. Jeff S


    What happens when you leave your computer for a second...
  16. Chesters, you're not supposed to ask for it back unless the whole purpose was to get her to uhhum in the first place.. Good one!
  17. I just figured out how to post pictures so anyway bear with me. I like to share.... It's been coming around in email.
  18. Thought that you all might get a kick out of this. No doubt it has been seen here before.
  19. Hiya Newt, I just read a thread you sent a while ago and realized it was this very same thing.. Yeah I do believe it's just a wee bit redneck. I don't thing Jeff Foxworthy would do well over here thats for sure. That was Garth??? Merry Christmas!
  20. http://www.toonedin.com/movies/WhiteTrashXmas.html
  21. Well how I got on.. Decided to call it an early day as I was searching for a different place more likely to hold pike. I blanked!! At least the other gents that I spoke with were catching. One when I arrived at around 1200 had just returned a pike about 4lbs on dead bait. I believe it was in about 12 feet of water. Another was catching tench and rudd? Along with a perch and some grayling. He was using two maggots one threaded and the other dangling with 1.5lb line spliced to 2 lb. He was ledger fishing in 11 feet of water with a float. He was also kind enough to pull me out of a roug
  22. Jeff S


    Sorry for that. I guess I should have thought to post a link for it. When I was in the military the acronym stood for public display of affection which was not allowed but most did it anyway. I can't think of how many other things it "could" stand for. However in this case personal digital assistant is the one I was going for. They are also referred to as palm pilots but I think that's an actual name brand. Thanks for having a look Jim.
  23. I'm leaving in a few minutes to have a go at it again. Didn't do too bad as I didn't blank yesterday, but I did lose 2 lures . 3 Browns and a chub that was about 20 inches. Still haven't purchased a scale and have yet to spot a pike. I tried a variety of rubber worms yesterday but had no luck at all. The water is now a tea tinge, the clearest I've seen it. I'll let you all know how I got on. They are suggesting snow this morning.. So again the question might be why do we do it? Cheers
  24. Jeff S


    While browsing for Christmas gifts I bought a PDA for my wife. Luckily she has no interest in fishing so she is not very likely to see one of her gifts here. What I was wondering is if any of you all have one and what you think of them. I don't think it was an impulse buy but can you all enlighten me? It's a Sony Clie PEG-SJ30 Cheers
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