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    Pike null

    Hello again! It rained for only about 20 minutes but was thoroughly refreshing... I have tried rattling top-water, mid-water and even running them along the bottom with no effect. I may be doing something wrong since I haven't lost any lures. I have't seen anything following but that goes without saying. I'm about to try rubber worms up in and around the overhanging/submerged trees and maybe a texas or carolina rig as well to locate the holes. One swim seems very promising. I have had more luck spinning and would rather catch something. Going to try tying a hackle on them to see if that has any effect. I'm going to try everything short of live and dead baits. Though I may change my mind if I don't end up with something. Thanks for the pointers. and that's why they call it fishing...
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    Has anyone made it to the room with the motorbike? Can't figure out how to use the trap door in the room next to it. The room with the keypad that has gremlins on it look for the odd bit in each or it will set you back.. I've wasted more than a half hour. :mad:
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    Pike null

    Well once again I managed to get wet, cold and miserable in the first hour. Fell in the mud repeatedly and left some rather large dents in the riverbank. Toughed it out with a few trout.. But still no pike. Dunk, I actually have 30 pound spiderline braid with a 12 inch trace of around 45 pounds but I can make whatever length trace. I like the shorter one since it is less likey to catch in those hard to reach places. Either way I may lay off it for a few days. I think I may follow your advise Peter, only I think I'll take the pub with me or at least some to keep in my bag. Cheers
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    Pike null

    Good Morning fellas and thanks for the timely replies! I thought I would hit it again before the rain comes in. It is likely to rain yet again over the next few days. Not a far cry from any other as of late. I'm from the US Peter and spent a huge amount of time fishing the Mississippi gulf ooast near Biloxi. The tackle is slightly different, as well as the weather, as it rarely breaks 40 degrees in winter and well over 100 in the summer. Most of the fishing was more productive at night and around light where bait fish and shrimp were attracted. I'm going to try as you all suggested and let you know how I get on. I started keeping a fishing diary to record my catch and water/weather conditions. I also found much information at this website. http://www.nhull.freeserve.co.uk/fishing/page2.html More relevant to me since I live within walking distance of River Ure.. Cheers
  5. This morning was my first time fishing here in the UK. I ended up with two brown trout, one at 10 inches and the other at 15. I also ended up with a nice size chub at 18 inches. I didn't take a scale with me so weight can be estimated?? Using mainly Rapalas, I caught nothing but read on a website that spinners generally catch pike. After an hour of nothing at multiple pegs, I switched to the spinner (gold in color and made by shakespierre) and made a catch immediately. I didn't catch any pike but at least caught something.. Any suggestions for next time? The water is clear at least to 18 inches and the bottom has a covering of leaves. I am river fishing and the depth seems to range from 3 to 8 feet depending on the swim. I'd prefer not to fish live or dead bait since I'd rather walk to keep warm. I've also changed out most trebles to single hooks so as not to cause too much damage. Cheers
  6. Morning, I had to add my thoughts as well. Some of the points addressed have not mentioned that introducing fish into natural ecosystems that don't already have them are damaging to species that may or may not be endangered. While working on a national wildlife refuge in Oregon, we tried to eradicate an introduced species of carp that had destroyed the plants by rooting which in turn, destroyed the habitat for native trout. In the states when you are in violation of hunting or fishing requirements they can (and usually do) take all of your equipment, including vehicles and everything in them. They may also suspend your rights as a hunter or angler for years. Quarantine the fish? Why spend the pounds on a fish if you could take it back? Unless we are talking about jobs which could be an entirely different issue. Have I opened a can of worms or what? Personally I think the stiffer the penalty the better. Hang'em or better yet use the diamond method...
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    Morning! Tinca61, I'm afraid Newt is right about the sales tax. The hunting and fishing in Oregon is not to be surpassed as I grew up there. I have some good stories too... Might I add that there is a tax on cigarettes, alcohol, and petrol so if you were on for a party to go with your tackle you might be out some;) Here is a sporting company based in Oregon where you might find information on VAT and shipping and handling as we call it in the states. http://www.gijoes.com/home/index.jsp Cheers
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    I get a kick out of the "choice" words that are used. Haven't heard many and some of those I'm not sure I want to repeat. Unless the bloke (like that?) was bigger than I. I once had the luxury of cursing at a drunk bloke (there's that word again) who had wrapped my fireline around his prop. I was fishing off a pier at the time. Needless to say I released the bail on about 150 yards of line onto his prop. He was too close to the pier.. I'd have liked to see his face when he was sober.. It's amazing how you always remember curses no matter what language.. Mother funner being one of them?? lol
  9. Hello everyone! Rufus again sorry to hear of your loss. Having just been released from the military and being deployed to areas known for their riptides, we were constantly “briefed” about them. Swim parallel to the shoreline as it will eventually get you out of the rip. Most riptides happen when wave action comes in at angles to the shore. When two or more arrive simultaneously at opposite angles, they tend to create a funnel effect, and drag everything with it out to sea. I would much rather try to swim a half mile out of one than ride it out at a mile or more. Most people lose their lives because they don’t know what to do while they are in one and try to swim against it. I totally agree with not simply standing by while someone is in need of assistance. You do have to make that split second decision, should I or shouldn’t I? Ultimately it is your own decision whether right or wrong. Most times it turns out right, but the sea should not to be taken lightly. While fishing in the S. Atlantic, my friends, and I had been fishing for grouper, shark, and tuna. The tide was out, on a relatively calm sea as the wind was blowing offshore, but while departing the area I decided to take the lazy way out. Several sets of waves arrived some 30 feet above the rest. It missed and I learned a hard lesson. I laughed about it after, as my friends were about 20 feet above me and wet, while I avoided it totally. Either way always keep a wary eye. I never saw it coming.
  10. Take the other better half???
  11. Jeff S


    Thanks for that bit of information. I read the bylaws but don't recall it being stated about catch and release. It's better that way isn't it? At least you know what sort of fish you are getting into for one. Is this something that is in place specifically for the water you are fishing? I'd rather not make headlines and had no intention of taking any home. Making idle conversation I suppose. The wife being a good Catholic doesn't much care for fish. Now she'll kill me for saying that.. lol
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    Boy trying to stay on last night was a bugger in itself! I think I have the sense of humour down pretty well but some things tend to be beyond me. Haven't been told to bugger off yet but I'm sure that will come with time! I am used to fishing in brackish water for redfish (red drum), croaker, sea trout (not steelhead), flounder and black drum. Salt water- red snapper, mackeral, cobia, and white and black tip shark. Most of which were not very large. Mostly being non-finicky and pretty easy to catch. We almost always used dead or live bait. The drawback was you never knew what you were going to catch! Fun either way! As for working in the UK, I'd have to say no. Looking for work actually, but not too concerned with it. What I would like to do is catch fish. Wife won't let me keep them so I figure a nice catch, photo and release might be a nice way to document them.
  13. Jeff S


    Good point Chesters! I've been fishing for so long in warm waters (Texas and Mississippi) that I forgot what happens when it gets cold. By the way its pretty cold here in Ripon. The river Ure is a stone throws away so I'll be trekking there. A swim I take it is equivalent to a hole likely to have fish. Forgive my ignorance, I'm still getting used to buggery, bl**dy, bugger off, and bastads.. lol
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    Evening! I had the luxury of finding Harrogate Angling Supply this morning and found quite a bit of information. I have never seen poles so large, with corks (the floats) that are so small. I was told some of the floats are used to "fine tune" pasting? Using a treble apparently you get a strike by either the float going under or rising. Most impressive! Learn something new everyday. What was more, the size of the fish to be found here. 30+ pike and HUGE carp! I'm almost frightened to go : ) On a different note, how do you fish during the winter when ice is abundant? I've read stories about breaking the ice but that seems hardly practical when it would seem you have to run the banks. Pike, I thought tend to roam by themselves. My plan was to fish soft plastics and lures. Rather not use dead or live bait if I don't have to.. Any ideas?
  15. I ordered some of the "bent" hooks a few days ago from cabelas.com It's a US company that is quite popular. You can also order rubber baits as well. The best part about using these hooks is for the benefit of not getting caught on snags and such. I like to rig them with a bullet weight at the head of the bait to keep it close to the bottom. Another option might be to tie a rubberband between the weight and the bait, hence you can adjust the distance from the bottom that you want to fish. Then to keep the bait bouyant you can inject air with a fishing syringe. I may have lost fish but I believe its because they didn't want to be caught When they do you know it!! I don't know anyone that has caught all the fish... That's why they call it fishing. Cheers
  16. To clarify: I meant to say use the disks only as a last resort not the website.. My apologies and lets hope you didn't run those restore disks already! It takes a long time to acquire all the information only to lose it by running the restore. Once again good luck!
  17. As a new member I've never felt so welcome! Thanks again for the assistance in 'getting started'. My wife thinks it obsurd but if I can only get her to come with me fishing. I have to throw them all back according to her. (less cooking for me) All in all a great site and plenty warm. I'm not one for instant messaging but this is much better than most american sites I have to admit. Cheers
  18. Morning! Not sure the specifics of crashing a computer are. If only they came with steering wheels. If you bought the computer and didn't build it, they should have supplied you with a set of cd roms that reload everything. The only problem is that when you run these disks it sets your computer back to the original factory specs. i.e. everything that you have saved and downloaded will not be there. You will also have to set up any hardware that you have added. You should still have the software?? If you have done it before it shouldn't take more than an hour maybe a little longer depending on processor speed. Check the site below that I enclosed BEFORE you run those disks. Use it only as a last resort. My advice? Talk to my wife she knows more! Now if I could just keep her out of the kitchen.. Seriously though, I have heard recently that Norton has come under fire for falsley stating it had virus definitions that it did not. Unfortunately I have nothing to confirm this. For what its worth and I hope you get it sorted out try going here. Good Luck!! http://vil.mcafee.com/
  19. Chesters and Big Al, thank you for such a warm welcome and timely reply! I have found great information here at this site. I live right next to River Ure and can't wait to wet a line. From what I can gather there are quite an assortment of fish to be found. Not very often, (at least in the States) do you find trout and salmon in the same fisheries as pike. I brought tackle but no rod. Interesting tactic eh? I'll try some of the techniques my grandfather taught, (during the season of course) and hope to learn from you all as well. One thing that I find different is the bylaw for trout and salmon in which you can't use more than one rod. Who has time to attend more than one when aiming for fish as finicky as these two? Thanks again!
  20. I recently moved from the US and currently reside in N Yorkshire. I have been fishing for most of my life. In the States, fishing as a non- resident costs a great deal more than it would if you were a resident to that state. In short, are there any extra fees required with the permission/permit and rod fees for an American out of his element? (I've never seen Carp listed as a gamefish) I have read the bylaws and they aren't much different from the States. In fact they seem quite a bit more conservative. Cheers
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