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  1. I bought X line 20lb after reading all the comments, will let you know how good or bad I think it is in a few months time , once its seen some water.
  2. The main reason I like Fluorocarbon as a mainline is that it sinks rapidly and lays on the bottom, I realise that it does not have a great knot strength and that is also not as supple as some mono.
  3. I have been using Berkley trilene fluorocarbon over the past couple of seasons and wondering what is the best Fluorocarbon main line you have used ?
  4. Hi , I am going to Windmill Lakes nr Le Mans in France later this year and would like to hear from anyone who has fished these lakes in the past, any tips and advice would be great.
  5. Has anyone out there used this line from Gardner ?
  6. ok thanks, I will take a look at their website, any other suggestions from anyone ?
  7. Hi guys, I know that many of you will have fished for catfish when visiting France over the past couple of years. I am looking for a "runs" water for catfish in France, does one exist ?
  8. I watched most of it last week , for a freebie its pretty good . Lots of ads and plugs , Danny must have something going on with Daiwa .
  9. I spoke to Ian at Earith lakes last week , there are some places on one syndicate but its the willow syndicate I would want. I believe there is a long waiting list for the st ives night permits, not sure how to contact Trevor now that St Ives angling has closed.
  10. Anyone fishing in Cambridgeshire / Beds on a syndicate that has spaces , anything considered !!
  11. It does look nice there, no fishing at weekends though on the syndicate ticket unless I read it wrong, nice lake.
  12. When I posted this , I knew you'd be the one to come back to me with some info, basically I am looking for a new lake and wondered whether this is a syndicate or club lake, roughly whats in it and whether there were any spaces ?
  13. I am looking for a syndicate lake in the Cambridgeshire area , any suggestions ? I am not too worried about the size of the lake but would like to park close to the swms and have a decent head of carp stocked, lots of doubles ,20's and a few 30's would be great .
  14. Hi does anyone know anything about the lake that is opposite Hartford Marina near Huntingdon. Its directly opposite the entrance to the marina.
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