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    Fishing ( common skate, pollack) Rockpooling, Cetaceans
  1. Tis bad enough being told that you are not classed as crumpet but to be called a tart into the bargain....you are dead meat Southam ~ haha you didnt know I was fishing did you
  2. Orca

    Sat Nav

    I get a weekly download updating on the position of the speed cameras, it was an extra but I think off hand it cost £19 a year for the subscription woops forgot Orca was logged in
  3. Merry Christmas from Davy and I and I hope Santa was good to you all.
  4. On another note we had a fantastic week with everyone. It was great to see Sonja again, unfortunately Paul had to go home early due to the flu...... hope youre feeling better soon. The weather was crap but the banter was a great as ever, some good meals out and some great company for meals in.... Even had the Bottlenose Dolphins swimming in the loch. Hope to see everyone again soon.
  5. I had to enhance the pic, as it was almost dark at the time, which actually made it more of a "life"saving situation.... Well done Liam... I'll second that, Norries not exaggerating the wee girl was in quite a bit of trouble and none of the divers were watching her at all , well done Liam, he can now officially wear his underpants over his trousers
  6. Chappers... Is Lucy coming up this year or is it you with the dastardly duo for the week
  7. Anchor ... when did Norrie learn to anchor
  8. Mmmm newleyweds and all they can think of is geting he christmas deckies up..... not much you know what going on there then
  9. Hiya Packed Davy off to Lochaline for the weekend, would have been too hard for him here, Thanks for all the thoughts everyone. Nick Peanut is moping quite a bit seems pretty lost but hopefully plenty of attention will soon sort him out.
  10. Woohoo team Ewok ready to rumble
  11. LOL Nopey Davy and Mark did but ~I got a new ps sorry I forgot you were coming up both weekends too
  12. now we confused Les..... The big weekend is the 2nd one but cos Lenny couldnt make it we're letting him know that we're up the weekend before too
  13. Wohoo number one darts team could be back in play
  14. OI Take the hintwe couldnt make it any clearer. Me, Davy,Marky,Paul and Jabee WILL ALL be at LA the weekend of the 13th and 14th if you can make it down.
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