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  1. I get the presentation of spade hooks and agree with it. I was asking if there was ever any advantage in tying a hair on a spade hook over using an eyed hook. As far as I can see there is no advantage so why do it? Ralph.
  2. HI John, I probably should have left the bit about the review off the original post but it the new attachment, that got me wondering if there was any advantage to be had. I am just questioning the need for tying hair rigs to spade end hooks. Is their an advantage to be had? From what I can gather, and in my own (limited) experience, it seems that an eyed hook is so much easier to tie a hair on so why bother tying hairs on spade hooks? Is there any point? Just because you can does not meant it is any better - does it? Ralph.
  3. Guys, With respect, I think you may have missed the point I was trying to make. I was not so much commenting about the machine itself, these things are like Marmite, you either love 'em or hate 'em. My main point was: Do we really need to tie hairs into spade end hooks, when an eyed hook tied with a knotless-knot does the job admirably? Ralph
  4. Gizmo Angling have just sent out the much awaited hair rig tyer attachment for the ZT Pro hook tyer. You can find my 'First Impressions' review HERE. However it has got me thinking. Do we really need to tie hairs into spade end hooks when an eyed hook tied with a knotless-knot does the job admirably? Ralph.
  5. I had trouble tying spade end hooks so I bought a ZT Pro. Yes it works but it just made me more determined to tie my own. I can now tie by hand down to an 18. I am now trying to get to the 20, 22 and 24s. I take it you have seen my review of the ZT Pro... If not you can find it HERE. I bought one because I wanted it. I did not need it but I am a sucker for mechanical gadgets
  6. Hi Guys, I haven't posted here for a while. As some of you may know, I have only been fishing for a couple of years as I never fished as a kid. For this reason I missed out on acquiring all the basic skills. Even hook tying has been a learning curve. Eyed hooks were not so much of a problem but spade end hooks are another matter. I have been experimenting with tying spade end hooks for a while. I know I can buy them ready tied but it bugged me that I could not do it myself. I have tried all sorts of hookers, I even spent a kings ransom on a ZT Pro hook tyer - my thoughts on it can be found HERE. I found I could tie a hook easier with a tyer if I could hold the line tight and I came up with a magnetic solution while trying to tie knots with a Matchman like this: Click on the image for more details. I up-graded to a Stonfo tyer, the small one is good for the really fine hooks. After all this messing around I eventually managed to tie a size 18 spade end hook by hand! Who needs hook tyers? Well me, I still can't tie size 22s or smaller without help... Yet! I think I get just as much fun out of the preparation as I do out of the fishing - almost. That is probably just as well as I have probably spent as much on end tackle and 'tools' as I have on rods and reels. Ralph.
  7. I am a pole newbie. I bought a new, cheap, Maver 9.5m pole and three universal top kits from Dragon Carp at the end of last year. a friend of mine offered to come along and show me how to use it. Rudd's Advice is brilliant and spot on but there is no substitute for having someone show you what you are doing wrong. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be given a second hand 14.5m pole and again I was out with my mate getting a few first hand tips. Once someone has given you some instruction it is then a case of getting hands on and having a go. I am still learning myself and have just about managed to get the shipping about right even if using a catapult while holding the pole is still not as easy as sme seem to think it is. I have the book someone has recommended you buy. I second that but it may seem a bit muddled at first if like me you do not have any previous experience. Nine months on, the text, that in places might as well have been written in Swahili, now makes much more sense after getting a few sessions hands on. There is so much I have yet to learn but I have documented my experiences so far on my blog. You can find the relevant posts by going to my blog (address in my signature below) and entering "pole" in the search box. I hope this helps. Ralph. P.S. Don't try lifting the pole by the thin end... DAMHIKT
  8. I fished Monk Lakes' Bridge Lake on Wednesday. Since I took up fishing, getting on for two years ago, I have been fishing mainly at one commercial venue. Fishing this new-to-me water was a bit of an eye opener. The whole story of the day can be found HERE. Having never fished a lake of this size before, I was not sure how to tackle it. If you were going to a new venue, for the first time what would you take with you? I took a van load of tackle but I could have done with the stuff I left behind! Monk Lakes website is HERE if you want to see how the lake is stocked. Next time I go to a new water, I will be taking everything with me... Or maybe I will just stick to the waters I know, but that would not be very adventurous - would it? Ralph
  9. Following my post regarding taking too much tackle to the bank (See HERE), I spent a day fishing with minimal kit, just a float rod and a selection of bait. It was like going back in time to a couple of years to when I first started fishing. I caught fish of all sizes from roach and rudd of an ounce or less in weight to a nice ghost carp tipping the scales at 6lb+. The full story of the day can be found HERE. I probably had one of the most enjoyable days I have had for a while. The real bonus is that I got a lot more fishing time as setting up and packing away was a breeze. I am now thinking about applying the same strategy to my match fishing. I am not a serious match fisher, only joining in with the friendly matches held at my local fishery and a few informal get-togethers. My only goal is not to come last. As I have acquired more gear is is hard to work out what I really need to have with me. When I first started match fishing, all I had was a plastic box to sit on (enhanced comfort was provided by a couple of pound-shop kneelers to sit on) a feeder rod and a pellet waggler. Now that has got to silly proportions with several rods and a couple of poles, Seat box with fittings and more bait than my local tackle shop, well almost! I am off to a match on Wednesday and I will be stripping back the amount of gear I will be taking. It will be interesting to see if this approach pays off. Ralph
  10. Peter, No danger of missing a bite, my sleeper rod was right next to my chair and the bait gets checked every couple of hours. On Thursday I was not even getting line bites and the single boilie was perfect at the end of the session. I don't think a fish even smelt it! Ralph
  11. I am sure that the more gear I take, the less fun I have. This week I went fishing with a van load of gear and a plan to try several different things. The full story is HERE. I did have a good day in the end, but the most fun was had with the cheapest bit of kit! This time I also had a two rod ticket. I caught nothing on the sleeper rod as I was not really paying it any attention and it just sat there for hours with no movement at all. Next time I intend to go light with just a float rod, maybe two, and a tube of wagglers. Keep bait down to a minimum, just maggots and a few slices of bread. It should be fun. Do you end up taking far more than you need to the bank? Ralph
  12. Yesterday I fished the June friendly at Beaver Fishery. Last year this was the first match I had ever fished. Things are a bit different now, I had no idea what I was doing last year, this time I have a bit of a clue but still have a lot to learn. The full story can be found HERE. I did improve my weight year on year but I got absolutely soaked I still had a great day - I was fishing Ralph.
  13. I realise that the situation will change day to day, venue to venue, but what pleased me was I managed to read the water and catch different fish by modifying my feeding regime and hook bait. That is Beaver Farm fishery Fishery just north of East Grinstead, on the A22 at Lingfield, (RH7 6HL) I have been there lots of times over the past year or so. It has seven lakes and three ponds and I have not fished all of them yet. There are plenty of posts on my blog showing days out there one lots of different waters. Just put 'Beaver' into the search box on my blog and you will get lots of links to the various waters I have fished so far. I ought to say I have no connection with the fishery other than being a happy customer. Ralph
  14. On Wednesday, this week, while fishing with a friend, I eventually discovered that how I feed the swim, dictated what fish I attract. By matching the hook bait I could bias the catch one way or another in favour or roach or perch. Feeding a few maggots and fishing a dead maggot over a pile of my Surf 'n' Turf groundbait, laced with a few maggots, I could use a dead maggot for hook-bait and attract roach. By changing the feeding to maggots and casters cupped in and fishing using a caster on the hook, caught the perch that were licking their lips at the small roach. The full story of our day can be found HERE. I can't believe how effective the casters are. I am also surprised that dead maggots seem to be far more attractive than live ones, when targeting silvers. As time goes on, I am realising there is method here; getting the fish into the swim and then building it. Obvious maybe, but it is only when it starts to work that it feels like I am working it out for myself, rather than asking for 'instructions' - Great feeling! Ralph
  15. Good point, if they are de-barbed they are not crushed - Thank you! Out with the file and diamond hone - methinks! Ralph.
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