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  1. New delivery from Daiwa: "Duckfin" soft baits for perch, pike and zander: Daiwa Prorex Classic Shad 4,5- 6,5 EUR Daiwa Duckfin Shad 5,7 - 7,8 EUR Daiwa J-Braid - affordable Japanese 4-carrier and 8-carrier braided lines. Daiwa J-Braid X4 9,5 EUR ja Daiwa J-Braid X8 14,9 EUR.
  2. Larger delivery from OWNER - treble, double and weedless hooks including BEAST hooks for trophy fish! Check out for more: https://www.pro-fishing.eu/new-fishing-tackle Also, we received trolling reels from Okuma, well-known models Classic CLX and Magda Pro Line Counter. We're now accepting credit & debit cards, PayPal account is not required. Welcome!
  3. We received a shipment of SpiderWire Stealth braid at special price. Only 12,5 EUR per pool!
  4. Hello, now in stock: Okuma Ceymar (2017 XT model) and Okuma Inspira reels. Rapala Urban Vest Pack - a technical "vest/backpack" Also Rapala 3-In-1 Combo Bag - a combination of a daypack and a tackle bag. Welcome!
  5. In co-operation with DAIWA-CORMORAN it is a pleasure to offer a wide range of DAIWA products at unbeatable prices. DAIWA is a Japanese manufacturer, producing top-quality spinning reels, baitcasting reels, rods, lures, lines and other fishing tackle. Check out or page for DAIWA price quotation! More news:: New shipment of Rapalan lures! 2017 models and colors: Rapala Shadow Rap Shad Rapala Shadow Rap Shad Deep Rapala Shadow Rap Rapala Shadow Rap Deep Rapala Skitter V Rapala Scatter Rap Tail Dancer 6 cm Rapala X-Rap
  6. Hello, more news: Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck is back in stock. https://www.pro-fishing.eu/savage-gear-lures-crankbaits-soft-baits/savage-gear-3d-suicide-duck We recieved the first spools of new Shimano Kairiki 8-braid: https://www.pro-fishing.eu/braid/shimano-kairiki-sx8-braided-line Shimano Sedona reel has stepped up a gear for 2017 with the new FI series - its the most affordable Hagane Gear reel. https://www.pro-fishing.eu/spinning-reels/shimano-sedona-fi-reel New Rapala Urban Sling Bag is a smart & technical shoulder bag for a mobile angler. https://www.pro-fishing.eu/tackle-packs-and-bags/rapala-urban-sling-bag Welcome!
  7. Savage Gear 3D Horny Herring is available A new deadly bait for sea trout fishing: And another herring from Savage Gear: 3D Backlip Herring. It features an innovative backlip. When retrieved, the backlip will force the lure to rise up to the surface. Great for fishing in shallow weedy areas. Video: We also received a small shipment from Balzer: https://www.pro-fishing.eu/new-fishing-tackle
  8. Hello, 2017 first shipment from Daiwa: Reels: Daiwa Sweepfire 24,95 EUR Daiwa Legalis 71,28 EUR Daiwa Freams 129 EUR Daiwa Ballistic EXH 169 EUR Monofilament Daiwa Super Shinobi (for sea trout) 6,38 EUR.
  9. Get ready for ice fishing with lures, rods, reels, tip-ups and other tackle: https://www.pro-fishing.eu/ice-fishing-gear/
  10. Savage Gear 3D Rad: a versatile, RADical new lure. Now in stock!
  11. We received a supply from Solvkroken. These Norwegian spoons should be quite familiar to seatrout anglers. You can find new colors and there are a couple of new lures in selection: Jensen Seatrout, Jensen Pirken and Rogerdradget.
  12. We received the first shipment of Savage Gear Suicide Duck lures. In this year's EFFTEX it proved to be the mega winner (three awards – Innovation of the Year, Visitors Choice and Best Hard Lure).
  13. Big discount on SEBILE lures - we received a shipment of award-winning lures at unbeatable prices!
  14. We added Japanese Bait Breath soft lures to our selection. Great for jigging perch & other small predators!
  15. Famous HOOK-EZE multitool in stock! Fast & safe way to tie hooks, jigheads, snaps, lines. We are one of the few on-line fishing shops in Europe to sell this popular gadget. Shipping to Great Britain (and all other destinations) only 4,90 EUR. Come visit us
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