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  1. Whats your surname Andy, might know you, you never know!
  2. Fished the Lomond since I was 14-15 and by boat since my 20's. Preferred stillwaters to rivers, so fished lochs mostly. 99% pike 1% other, nowdays Its the other way round. Also did my stint on PAAS committee at the start as membership secretary and magazine editor. So wrote some stuff for the mag and did one for P&P.
  3. Allright guys? Been off the scene for a fair old spell thanks to some health issues and slowly trying to find my feet again, but blimey have things changed or what? I feel like a new kid with all the gear available and looking forward to re-learning what I already new! LOL
  4. Is it me or have all the fish in the Forth & Clyde vanished for the fare fortnight? 3 4hr sessions on the trot and not even a nibble! I was on really small lures for casting around, slightly larger the required trace in case of jacks and a dinky wee drop-shot set-up for all those wee nooks and crannies. But the fish just falied to put in an appearance? From some other forums and facebook pages Im seeing fish being caught on the east coast canals, but naff all here. Any ideas guys ???
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