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  1. I am in the UK. I saw the laws that allow 15 bream/perch/ taken a day on a rod license. Also I found a local club which if I read the rules correctly allow fish to be taken. But i'll call them today to double check.
  2. New to the Country. I now live in Durham and want to get back into the fishing I grew up doing. I grew up fishing perch, and sunfish in Texas with my uncle. I want to get back into fishing but I am starting fresh. I only ever used what my uncle handed me. I figure to go to decathlon and pick up a £20 pole/reel/hook set. I grew up using live bait but all the clubs in the area seem to not allow it so i figured rubber worms or turkey bits would do just fine. I am interested in fishing again for perch, bream and catfish. I miss cooking up a mess of perch.
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