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  1. Hi all, Ive been having major problems with playing on my 360 due to the game constantly freezing up after 5-20mins of playing. Ive downloaded the patch, cleared the cache multiple times, installed the game onto the hdd, wiped out the entire folder and did it all over again. Ive even replaced the disc since this doesnt happen with any other game but still no luck. Has anyone been able to find a cause or fix for this by any chance?

  2. I had a chance to cast the new Sage Pike Rod this summer up north, it was unbelievable how effortly it casted big bulky patterns over 12I use a 9 ft 9 wt though, I believe the shorter rod makes a difference, I often use a 10 wt intermidiate line while fishing for pike.

  3. That is the game changer, but you can tie variations in different materials, like the feather brain game changer by Schultz outfitters, just articulated shanks with a tapered look can be called a game changer variant

  4. My understanding is that in this day and age the fast action rod has become the desireable action so many manufacturers have rated some of thier rod by at least one line rating and some have even gone 2 line sizes under. I have a very fast 7wtthat casts a 8wt line really well. It will also cast a 9wt with no complaints. I did not like it at all with a 7wt line. I also have a 9wt that a 9wt line works fine but I feel that it would probably cast a 10 well too, though I dont have a 10wt line to test this out. My 5wt works well with a 5 wt line. I have 2wt that I did not like with a 2wt WF line but it works great with a 3wt DT and I think it would be even better with a 4wt line. I learned on glass rods many years ago so maybe I like slower rods better. It apparantly depends a lot on the paticular rod. I never watch my back cast as Capt. Bob talks about above for night fishing so I do want to feel the rod load. To answer your question...if you like to feel the rod to load the 9wt will probably work great for you.I still need a real 7wt rod and I am thinking about going to a glass rod to get a true 7wt rod. Any suggestions??

  5. i dont know, was it red and with a body kit, possibly RSC41 white on red presonalised plates, if so that was me


    hey do you come into autobarn at lawnton a little bit?

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