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  1. Email received today. Maybe we'll follow?
  2. Chesters, that is the most amazing video! Do you know where it was filmed? They don't look like UK carp, some more like skimmers?
  3. Hi Mark Good to hear re Anglers Paradise etc. I'd always assumed such places are mainly carp.Are there decent roach, rudd or crucians? The trouble is I don't think my wife would want to come, so it would just be me. I imagine that would work out expensive
  4. The few times I have fished with pinkies have been when it's very cold and I can't get bites on maggot. But normally it's the opposite. Maggots are attracting too many tiddlers, and my assumption at least has been that pinkies, being smaller, would be worse. But there's an article in the 21 Jan Angling Times recommending fluoro pinkies and groundbait as against bread for quality roach when the water is coloured and there is some flow. The particular location was the Welland at Spalding. It surprised me. Surely, in coloured water, don't you want a big, visible bait? Doesn't that mean bread flake? Though I can see that smelly additives might help. So am I missing a trick. Do you find pinkies a good bait, and when?
  5. Hey Cameraman Sounds like you've got it well sorted. Have any of the places you've been to produced good roach or, in summer, rudd or crucians?
  6. Interesting, BB. Barbel are great fish, but the problem is that in so many places you only catch them at night or at least dusk, so if you're on a fishing break there's the problem of what to do in the day. But roach and chub allow more flexibility. What time of year did you go? I remember someone saying that on the Stour you need to go in winter when the weed has washed away? Did the roach take big baits when you were chub and barbel fishing, or did you target them specially? Thanks John
  7. That's interesting BB. I'm planning to have a short trip to the south coast this year, and could well include Throop. What time of year did you go, and what did you catch? I suppose you can't remember the name of the guest house?
  8. This is the time of year when I (we?) dream of holidays, but I'm a bit short of ideas for 2020. I got the Anglers World brochure, but for European coarse fishing they mainly have ads for B&Bs and chalets, and it's hard to evaluate or decide where to go. Has anyone had any good fishing breaks away from where they live in the last few years, or even good times fishing when on a family holiday? I guess I'm thinking UK, Ireland or continental Europe. I note there are quite a few Dutch fishing guides on the web, mainly for jigging for predators. A bit expensive for one person, or perhaps they will fit you in with a group? Has anyone had any experience of them?
  9. Talking of fish jumping out of the net. When I was a teenager fishing for perch from a rowing boat on Loch Faskally, I had a tangle and the bare hook was hanging out of the side. To my amazement a small sea trout took the hook. I got him in the boat, but before I could get the hook out he somehow got free and jumped out into the water. Not really a problem as I'd have put him back anyway. But then he jumped back into the boat again!
  10. That's interesting, Dales. Where do you do your fishing?
  11. Andrew, that's interesting. You have far more experience of the Thames than me, but for what it's worth my experience on the lock cuts, though patchy, is different. My best pike, my only ever 'twenty', was caught in a Thames lock cut when it was very up and coloured. Though other trips to that lock cut when it was coloured yielded zilch so, admittedly, it was a fluke, so perhaps I shouldn't base too much on it. I don't think any of my other evidence is when it was coloured. But at a different lock cut some youngsters have assured me they have known people catch 10 or more pike in a session. I have tried a couple of times for a couple of hours when the water was fairly low and clear with no success. So I made a mental note to try when the level was up. So inconclusive so far, but something to go for. There are two lock cuts where I have been assured there are a reasonable number of 3lb perch. On one I tried a couple of times for an hour or so at dusk with worm with no bites. On the other I tried a bit with lures with no success, but had a 2lb 12 oz perch on wobbled smelt when after pike. My best Thames perch, though modest compared what is there, I realise. My best Thames roach fish was in a lock cut: 16 roach between 6-11oz, mostly at the top end, in just over an hour. Nothing to a serious roach angler, but compared to my generally failed roach fishing exploits on the Thames, good. So for a not-too-serious angler like me I feel the lock cuts do have potential, though I am still quite low on the learning curve. I'm reasonably convinced that, despite Gozzer's success in coloured water with lobworm and a roving approach, on the lock cuts I need to wait till it is fining down. Maybe bonanza time is when the flow is still fast enough to keep the fish in the cut, but when the colour has largely dropped out?
  12. Has anyone any experience of fishing in Holland? There's just a possibility my wife and I will go to the Drenthe region (north east) to combine archaeology and fishing. I can't find anything on the web about the fishing there, though there's a small canal which goes through the area we'd probably stay in. A few theories: Perch. Holland is known for huge perch, but am I right in thinking they come from the big inland waters. Perch fishing in the ordinary canals is probably very similar to over here? Zander. Presumably they are present in all the Dutch canals? Rudd. I've come across a touristy video on YouTube which claims that '40 cm rudds are not unusual.' A 40cm rudd is about 3lbs, so it's obviously a huge exaggeration. But maybe there are more waters with good rudd in Holland than in UK? Any info would be appreciated. Oh, I suppose nobody knows of a Dutch angling forum similar to AN?
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