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  1. This is wonderful stuff! As a teenager I used to read things about The Broads being an angling mecca, but I had the impression it was all a thing of the past. Which broad is it? Is there a resurgence generally? I must think about a fishing break on the Broads - may well not be practicable, but who knows?
  2. As I understand it, in summer in the daytime, lily pads attract fish for at least 3 reasons: cover, oxyen is given out, and the insect life is a source of food. At night the cover is not needed, oxygen is actually taken from the water, and the insects are not visible. So I assume fish leave the lily pads? But what about in winter? The pads mostly die away, but do the fish stick around? And what about a time like this? I assume like summer, but less so?
  3. Thanks for heads up, Steve, but no, the bridge in question is Clifton Hampden, near Didcot. I've been fishing a short day ticket stretch a few times, though with little success beyond an 8oz roach and a jack.
  4. Thanks, Gozzer. Yes, helpful, though for the particular bridge I have in mind I don't have a permit to fish from the upstream side of the bridge. But I'll bear it in mind for elsewhere. BobJ -sapphire angler extraordinaire! Amazing!
  5. Well it sounds pretty good to me. By implication the rudd and bream aren't in decline, and maybe the roach also? How big are your best rudd and bream so far this season Peter?
  6. The problem is that a five year old will want lots of bites, which will inevitably reduce with the colder weather. I'm sure you've asked advice from the local fishing shop.
  7. Peter, that sounds amazing stuff! 'The year of big bream and rudd' from your own garden! And quest for big roach. I'm sure we'd all love to hear more
  8. Over the years, partly from what I have read, I have gained the notion that some baits are best in summer and some in winter. For example for roach and chub: - summer: sweetcorn, meat, hemp 'n tares, pellets - winter: bread, maggots, worms Part of the idea, I think, is that fish are more mobile in the summer, and will want higher calorie baits. And it's certainly true that maggots are hopeless on some waters in the summer as they attract too many tiny fish. But why should the so-called summer baits not work in winter? I live near the Thames, and I've heard it said that it's hard
  9. Interesting re the trout. I suppose the species I particularly expect to see on the downstream side, based on internalised memories of a 'where the fish are' pic in Mr Crabtree from when I was a teenager, is chub. In all fairness I have never given ledgering a proper go there, But lure fishing I always used to cast to such swims expecting chub, perch or pike, but I don't recall ever catching. I mention it because I found a new venue recently on the Thames with quite an inviting bridge. BTW thank-you for your 'winding down' thread. Encouraging to hear how someone a few yards ahead of me is
  10. I'd have thought the slack behind bridge piers would be a number one residence for lots of fish, but for some reason I've never caught a fish in these locations. Perhaps I should give it another try? What is others' experience?
  11. Thanks everyone for your comments. Phone, 'vulnerable' is a term used in the UK Covid guidance. John
  12. Like a number, I suspect, on AN I am over 70, and I also have a heart issue, so I'm counted as a 'vulnerable person.' How do others interpret the guidance? Is it OK to fish?
  13. Thanks WNB. Actually I've just solved another problem by turning the computer off and on, so maybe that's all it was! I'll see when another Zoom meeting comes up. I see you are from Berks. I hadn't noticed that before. Where do you fish? I was in Newbury for 20 years fishing the Kennet and some lakes. Now I'm near Wallingford and fish the Thames and one or two lakes.
  14. I tried to enter a Zoom meeting yesterday and I got a message that Microsoft Edge was an unsupported browser. Can I do anything about this? I tried googling the problem and it mentioned 'Chromium based Microsoft Edge' being rolled out to ME users. Is this the answer? If so, how do I get the Chromium based version? Is it free? Thanks John
  15. Email received today. Maybe we'll follow?
  16. Chesters, that is the most amazing video! Do you know where it was filmed? They don't look like UK carp, some more like skimmers?
  17. Hi Mark Good to hear re Anglers Paradise etc. I'd always assumed such places are mainly carp.Are there decent roach, rudd or crucians? The trouble is I don't think my wife would want to come, so it would just be me. I imagine that would work out expensive
  18. The few times I have fished with pinkies have been when it's very cold and I can't get bites on maggot. But normally it's the opposite. Maggots are attracting too many tiddlers, and my assumption at least has been that pinkies, being smaller, would be worse. But there's an article in the 21 Jan Angling Times recommending fluoro pinkies and groundbait as against bread for quality roach when the water is coloured and there is some flow. The particular location was the Welland at Spalding. It surprised me. Surely, in coloured water, don't you want a big, visible bait? Doesn't that mean bread
  19. Hey Cameraman Sounds like you've got it well sorted. Have any of the places you've been to produced good roach or, in summer, rudd or crucians?
  20. Interesting, BB. Barbel are great fish, but the problem is that in so many places you only catch them at night or at least dusk, so if you're on a fishing break there's the problem of what to do in the day. But roach and chub allow more flexibility. What time of year did you go? I remember someone saying that on the Stour you need to go in winter when the weed has washed away? Did the roach take big baits when you were chub and barbel fishing, or did you target them specially? Thanks John
  21. That's interesting BB. I'm planning to have a short trip to the south coast this year, and could well include Throop. What time of year did you go, and what did you catch? I suppose you can't remember the name of the guest house?
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