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  1. Hi can admin please delete multiple posts? thanks
  2. RIP John next time I am roach fishing the River Waveney I will remember you.
  3. RIP John next time I am roach fishing the River Waveney I will remember you.
  4. RIP John next time I am roach fishing the River Waveney I will remember you.
  5. RIP John next time I am roach fishing the River Waveney I will remember you.
  6. Good luck with the move. Recently moved myself. It's so great when you're on the other side of it.
  7. Well after going over to the dark side for a few years and doing lots of long stay carp fishing, this year has seen me back on the rivers. Having moved to the Waveney valley I joined Bungay cherry tree angling club. Its so nice to wander around the rivers travelling light, free lining baits for chub. Winter will see me looking to catch Pike from the river. nice to be back on Anglers net as well. tight lines everyone.
  8. Well I have logged in today for the first time in ages. I have moved from Essex to the Suffolk Norfolk border and joined Bungay Cherry Tree Angling Club. Lots of the river Waveny to go at and I am looking forward to exploring it. I got a bit carp focused in Essex but it seems that there is a lot more traditional coarse fishing up here so all good. I might need some pointers along the way so its good to reconnect with you all
  9. Ok thanks phone I will continue to persevere but so far not had any takes using it, although the carp seem to be thinking about spawning so may have to lay off carp fishing for a while.
  10. Just a quick question I will be trying Zig rigs tomorrow. The question I have is do you use a back lead. I know that the line needs to be tight but won't that lead to line bites. Any advice would be useful thanks
  11. People put in hundreds of hours to catch these fish. its not something i would do but fair play to them.
  12. Funny to read about a fishery owner who is not motivated by profit
  13. Peter M

    LRF fish-in

    Thanks for the info going down to Looe in Sept and going to take my light spinning rod that I use for perch but i am clueless re lures so thanks for your advice, I will carry on with my research.
  14. Peter M

    LRF fish-in

    How do you fish the Isom worm? do you jig it like other soft plastics? any help appreciated as I am not a regular sea angler. thanks in advance.
  15. Then you need a barrow to cart it all round the lake.
  16. Is a built in ground sheet really a red line because if not there are some really cracking bivvys around the 300 pound mark. I can see why a porch is a must and to be honest i did not know how useful this would be when i got my JRC one but overall i am happy with it. Have a look at the Fox traveller no built in ground sheet but does have one that velcros round to give added protection.
  17. The roding around wanstead used to be free, also regants canal used to be good for a bite or two, Walthamstow resovoir are near train stations.
  18. I am not a fan of putting cat fish into lakes and i certainly think that it will affect the general coarse fishing. If there is lots of weed on a deep lake this gives the prey a chance to hide. This is what happens on the lake i fish.
  19. Its not just the size in per acre that is important but also how deep it is. I fish a lake that has a number of Cats to 50 pounds. the lake also has pike and large perch as well as swarms and i mean swarms of small roach. it also holds a reasonable head of carp to 30 pounds. The lake is just over 3 acres but has a depth of 27 feet in places. its very clear and weedy. I have often thought that when the Cats are on the prowl the carp get very spooky and sit in the weeds in the margins. If fact it is rare to catch carp in the deeper water and this maybe due to the fact that is where the Cats most
  20. For me the crash zips are a must to be able to get out quick in the event of a run as well as being warm. also being able to secure the bag to the bed chair I think is important.
  21. Trakker bit snooze I have one and love it very warm and easy to put on a bed chair http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/trakker-big-snooze-sleeping-bag-p157884
  22. Wow sounds like you had a great fishing session one that will live long in the memory I am sure, good luck mate and glad you are a bit better.
  23. that is a shame mate, there are lots of good bedchairs about that might be better for your back, they don't come cheap mind. I am no spring chicken myself and comfort on the bank is important to me as I want to extend my ability to carp fish into my latter years. hope your health does not curtail your fishing too much. tight lines and take care.
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