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  1. Poll Vote. ======== Picture Of The Month .. November 2008. =============================== Hi everyone .. Welcome to the Poll Vote for "Picture Of The Month" Any registered member of AnglersNet is allowed to vote in this poll, but each member is allowed one vote only. Congratulations to all who entered and took up the challenge but remember that just because you're not in the top six does not mean that your picture is no good. This Poll will close at 9.59pm GMT on Sunday 7th December when we will have a winner. If we have a tie or
  2. And the journey continues ... Great stuff Snatcher. Looking forward to the next installment !!
  3. ============================================== Welcome to Picture Of The Month for December 2008. =============================================== Open Period. ========= From 22.00.00 GMT Monday 1st December 2008. Deadline .. 21.59.00 GMT Wednesday 31st December 2008. All pictures entered must have been taken during the Open Period. ------------------------------------------ Can entrants please number their individual picture postings ? Entry No: 1/Entry No: 2 etc. ========= Happy Snapping everyone !! Wiggly. ========================= Please f
  4. Please do not desecrate this thread with the rhetoric that always seems to appear on many other "threads American". Don't worry Jan ... It won't happen !! Any graveyard or cemetery to me is a very atmospheric and moving place.
  5. I appear to have not posted up July's winner and runner-up. My apologies to all ... Wiggly. =============================== Winner ... Picture Of The Month. July 08. ------------------------------------------- Kez .. Alnath. ----------------- Runner Up ---------- The Inquisitive Mr Frodo .. Hellbelly ---------------------------------------------
  6. Bored ??? Certainly not matey !! Every morning the wife insists on seeing "Snatchers latest". Keep them coming Snatcher .. The more the merrier !!
  7. Hi Scotty .. and welcome bacK. Watch out when you get your tackle out mate ... ruddy cold at this time of year !
  8. Update .... I have just clicked on "Properties" of one of the dodgy items and noticed that not only were the attributes listed as "Hidden" but they were also "Read Only". Have corrected this, and all the other dodgies, and everything is fine again. No idea how this happened in the first place, or why it selected just these particular icons, and not all on the desktop ! All well now. Just thought I'd let you know ... Wiggly.
  9. I know is says 'Drive In' but .........
  10. Other purchases ?? What you got !! Tell Me !! Tell Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!
  11. Welcome aboard !! I would suggest that you post your offer up on the "Sea Fishing" forum, where it will , I'm sure, attract interest. It's a pity you are not in Cornwall, for I would certainly be interested ! Please note that will not be able to send/receive PMs (Personal messages) until you have submitted a certain number of posts on the forums. I think it's fifteen to qualify. Have a good look at the AN "Home" page also ... plenty of interestings links and information on there to get you up and running.
  12. That's my pocket money for this month gone !!
  13. Great stuff Snatcher !! Keep them coming mate !!
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