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  1. Ha ha like it. will check the site out
  2. Hi Pete, thanks for the reply, sounds like a plan. not sure i can pm either as a newbie
  3. Thanks Neil, got a few long days and nights coming up so will try and get some gear together after
  4. Sounds fabulous ha ha, i myself am also an expert in catching trees and bushes. a fishing buddy sounds cool, whereabouts are you? i'm Crowborough east sussex
  5. hi, thanks for the advice, yes i do have a fly rod
  6. Hi Neil and thanks for the reply. Can i use the rod and reel i have to fish for other species or is it just for carp? its a 2 piece, 2.5lb, nothing else on it apart from carp, was a gift
  7. Chrismac


    Hi all, new to this site and fishing. I have been given some fly, carp and freshwater gear and rods and looking for advice on what equipment to get and also a fishing buddy. Am in Crowborough East Sussex at present. Have fly fished for a year and been on off beach fishing for about 20 yrs so a bit of a novice in all areas.
  8. Chrismac


    Hi all, am new to this site and to course (freshwater) fishing. I have been given a rod and reel at present plus a carp set. Am used to sea fishing and have just started fly fishing but alas am a bit naive for a 47 yr old guy as to what i need to buy, where to go etc. Am looking for a fishing buddy and some advice. Am currently in Crowborough east sussex. Thanks for reading and any advice in advance
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