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  1. Im visiting Gloucester soon, fancy getting my pole out for Gloucester Sharpness canal. Hear there is a fair few carp kicking around in there
  2. Thats great, thanks! I've not used pulla bungs, but i cant help but wonder... how do you use the pulla while your holding the pole in one hand, and landing net handle in the other?
  3. Don't get me started! I've had a dog run down the river bank & stick his head in my bait tub full of meatballs. He'd had almost all of them before i pushed him off & the owner could care a ****.
  4. I was thinking about hydro tbh. You think white, over the blue?
  5. Got it all wrong today Was fishing a new venue today on the pole. I'd heard it was full of 5lb carp so i took my 2 top kits... 10-12 middy pink 14-16 middy red Turns out the average fish at this venue is a 1lb-2lb carp What elastic would you be on? I was obviously WAY over the top
  6. Yeah, will do fine I landed a 10lb carp on 10-12 elastic on Sat lol
  7. I had 58lb of carp today on the pole, up to 11lb max. Maggots out fished pellet & sweetcorn by a long shot!
  8. I'd love to catch something like this...
  9. I was watching a Fox winter legaue match on the Wye this Sunday. There are 3 methods of attack they use... 1. Maggot feeder (kamasan black cap) with a 2ft hooklength 2. Stick float (Woody bolo type) 3. Pole to hand Also this website is VERY helpful... http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homea...?stationId=4002 The best possible advice i can give is to give Woody a ring (01432 344644), or go see him in the tackle shop. He knows the river better than anymore & once held the match record of 190lb odd of fish in 5 hours! He also coaches Hadrian Whittle who won the 3 day festiva
  10. Lots of carp & bream in the wye
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