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  1. Haven't tried cockles, but soon will!! I'd love a picture of the flower bread, of should that read flour?!! There is a slight flow. Kleinboet, thanx, I'll give it a whirl. I'm still open to suggestions, clean ones, of course!!
  2. I live within walking distance of a canal which is heaving with double figure carp, I kid you not!! Unfortunately, these fish are extremely elusive. I have tried everything, float, leger, surface, zig rigs, and feeders, method and cage. The fish just won't play ball!! I am unable to pre-bait regularly as I work shifts, and night fishing isn't an option as the canal isn't in the best of areas, and my other half won't entertain the idea. The carp are very rarely fished for, and I think a simple legered rig is probably the best option, I have tried many different baits from worm to boilies, a
  3. I've got to say, that after some of the toilets I have had the misfortune to encounter whilst fishing, I now prefer to go behind a bush, far more hygenic, and I don't feel like I need disinfecting when I've finished!!!
  4. Cheers for the info. I'm off tomorrow so I'll let you know how I get on!
  5. Hello all, I am a rare visitor to your site, tending to stick to the coarse fishing site, but I'm sure you wont hold this against me!! I visit Tenerife regularly, and normally spend my time fishing from the shore. I have caught many different species, but I have never tried lure fishing. Could anyone advise me if it's worth trying, and if so, what lures, tackle etc. I should be using?? Thanks in anticipation, Bacon.
  6. Dear, oh dear!! I suppose all you blokes would be rushing to get your rods in your hands if more anglers looked like that!!!
  7. Go girls!! Don't forget your fellow[!?]sister!!
  8. The larger Asda stores are selling waterproof trousers, that are, ostensibly, for skiing. They come in khaki, navy blue or black, they are very good quality and start from £20!! The kiddies size 11/12 is a perfect ladies size 10 - result!!! The kids sizes got to 15/16, which look huge! They also do adult sizes which are £30. If you are in the market for this kind of gear, but don't want to spend a fortune, check 'em out, they are ideal for any ladies out there who are struggling to find the right size!!
  9. A relative of mine bought himself a fishing diary for next year. In it, it states that a licence allows you to fish FOUR rods if fishing for course fish and eels. Is there going to be a change next year, or is the diary wrong??? Anyone shed any light on this??
  10. I'm thinking of going to the Severn to try and catch a few barbel. I know the river's low at the moment, but people keep telling me I'd be wasting my time. Are these people the ones who aren't catching? Are they blaming the river for their lack of success, when maybe, they should be looking at their style of fishing? After all, a fish has to eat! Anyone any thoughts??
  11. Gave it a go yesterday, not much luck after a couple of hours, just minnows and gudgeon. Then decided to have a go for the pike and perch using the minnow and gudgeon, mercenary I know! This resulted in some decent predators and a great days fishing despite not being quite what I had in mind! Sometimes it pays to adapt to the situation rather than continue to flog a dead horse!! Nugg, you've disappointed me, I so wanted it to be an otter!! How do you tell the difference between the two?
  12. An added bonus of these is the hook can be buried inside for the more wily fish, and because the marshmallows are soft, hooking isn't a problem!
  13. A ghost carp. Stunning to look at, perfect condition, about 9lbs. Took me 3 hours of stalking, eventually fooled it with a floating pop-up boilie. The sense of achievment was great, a real battle of wills. Very satisfying!
  14. Feet up in front of the telly
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