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  1. Yeah they are good aren't they Martin. I have a Remington Express springer, well it's technically my sons but it lives with me.
  2. Welcome Chris, and good luck with the local waters.
  3. Perhaps you could pop to your local supermarket and take a photo of the empty fruit isles seeing as the fruit is rotting in the fields due to noone available to pick it. It doesn't seem to be the case around these parts???
  4. That is sooooo cool! ......and i'd so crash it.
  5. Spoilt at the end by new age hippy/cult like weirdness. Pffft!
  6. If you haven't already then it's worth watching the Witness Testimony playlist on Dr Steven Greer's Youtube channel. Some of them are old and some are dubious, but there are some very interesting ones.
  7. I'm eagerly awaiting this too. Although I doubt anything earth shattering will be released. I'm guessing it will just be the case of "ok we have seen things that can't be easily explained or replicated by us, but there is no evidence they are extraterrestrial in nature".
  8. Paul, have you by any chance hooked a WW2 era U-boat wreck off the coast of Whitby and hauled up an Enigma machine and are typing your replies through that? Then again, I think those folk at Bletchley Park would struggle to decipher half of this thread.
  9. I've been watching the Joe Rogan Eeperience podcasts lately, and he has some interesting guests. I know Alex Jones is THE crazy conspiracy theorist, but I remember listening to his theories after 9/11 and I thought he put forward questions that needed answers. But geez' 20yrs on and the guy has reached a whole new level, he's bat sh*t crazy, the guy has totally lost his mind!
  10. Just a quick question as everything seems fine over my neck of the woods.......Has the sh*t hit the fan yet?
  11. Frustrating it most certainly is Ken. I had a "Lung wash" a few weeks back that is used to detect cancerous cells. I still haven't had the results and the onocologist I spoke to on the phone in the same hospital didn't even know i'd had it done. I'm feeling positive my outcome will be just fine, and I sincerely hope your's will be too fella.
  12. Ok phone call done. The doctor isn't sure if it's just a particularly nasty lung infection, but can't rule out that it is cancer. He said to phone him up straight away after my next CT scan on the 14th and he'll look at the results straight away and phone me back.
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