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  1. Lee Kerslake: Former Ozzy Osbourne and Uriah Heep drummer
  2. I'm a little confused Paul (not difficult I may add). You seem to be "loving" Brexit and are finding it highly amusing going by all your posts, so surely that is a good thing and you should be embracing it.
  3. Yep as ayjay says, Fred West and his wife Rose. An infamous couple who had a nasty habit of murdering and burying their poor victims in their garden.
  4. Eeek i'm gonna go all Guardian reader and say I can see where Cory is coming from. I don't have passionate views either way regarding the death penalty, but it does make me feel uncomfortable knowing an innocent man could be executed. Terrorists, mass murderers, serial killers, psychopathic killers who get enjoyment from killing and child murderers are fair game....aslong as they admit to their crimes or there is irrefutable evidence against them.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-53895120 I'm not his biggest fan, but well said Boris.
  6. Yep it would have been good to watch O'Sullivan v Trump in the final had Judd won his matches. I'm sure Kyren's time will come, he's a young fella and the experience would have done him good.
  7. I'm surprised you know about snooker old chap, I didn't think it was really known in the States. *And I agree with your analogy 100%
  8. Amazing semi-finals, never seen a days play like it. The deciding frame between Wilson and McGill was unbelievable, best frame of snooker for pressure and drama i've ever watched. Ronnie is just a messed up genius! His head had well and truly gone, he walks out, walks back in and knocks in the most sublime 138 clearance, utter genius. I thought Selby was full of sour grapes after, he tried everything he could to slow the game down and push Ronnie over the edge with his slow play tactics. He's a great player, but he bores the life out of me with how he plays. Should be a fun final. I thin
  9. Not sure myself. Selby is probably the favourite out of the 4 that are left, but maybe just maybe Kyren Wilson's name is on the trophy after getting the bye in the 1st round.
  10. I've actually come across people such as those.
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