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  1. *Ant*


    Being a captain of a Nimitz class aircraft carrier I imagine he must have been top of the pile material and a credit to the the US Navy. I'll side with him, good on the fella I say.
  2. ........just incase.
  3. *Ant*


    Phone I'm interested in what the general feeling is over there about the captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. From what i'm reading it seems he's getting a rough ride from Trump and his staff, but I can't help but feel the poor chap was only looking after the interests of those under his command?
  4. *Ant*


    I really thought this was "WOW" so thought i'd share. "Heavenly happenings at Charing Cross Hospital London tonight as a choir sings out and can be heard in the surrounding streets."
  5. It's a bit long but interesting and well worth watching if you like this kind of thing.
  6. *Ant*


    My sincere best wishes to you all Elton. It's a very scary time indeed.
  7. *Ant*


    There is a theory that it originated from China’s National Biosafety Laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and genetically engineered to be a bioweapon that accidently (or maybe deliberately) somehow got released.
  8. Adam Schlesinger 52. Bassist with the band Fountains of Wayne. (COVID-19)
  9. I remember as a kid my dad hating him with a passion. I never found out why though?
  10. *Ant*


    Maybe this is all the beginning of the New World Order. The culling of the world population, having to stay indoors at the risk of being arrested and fined by the police, phone apps that have full access to our personnal details that track us etc etc. Maybe this is all a master plan dreamed up by the worlds elite, years in the making planned for the year 2020.
  11. *Ant*


    This is not about politics, this isn't about whether you are a Tory or Labour supporter, it's not about red or blue, people are dying! I see and read about Donald Trump and his views and actions. He doesn't give a cr@p about the American people, he only seems to care about the economy and screw the people. I see the opposite from Boris, it seems to me that he's saying screw the economy, lets save lives, we'll deal with the economy later.
  12. *Ant*


    Cod, i'm interested in whether you believe Corbyn would be doing a better job had he been in power, and if you think less poor souls would be dying? I'm no Boris supporter politically, far from it, but I actually think he is doing a decent job in these very trying times. Yes in hindsight he could have locked down the country sooner and tested more sooner. But there is no text book for this pandemic. He hasn't in the slightest tried to political point score or point fingers and he genuinely seems to be doing all he can to help. The money and resources he is throwing at this is staggering and unprecedented. I truly believe he is taking in as much advice from his scientific advisers as possible and acting as best he can for the wellbeing of everyone rich or poor. Hats off to him I say. I know who i'd prefer to be pulling the strings at this moment in time between Boris and Corbyn.
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