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  1. It would be nice to know if Chris Goddard is doing well, I remember he was a top fella who was always willing to help. There was also Steve Burke, Poledark (Den???) and Jeepster was always a bit of a riot. I know Ian Cloke (AKA - Slacklines) is sadly no longer with us, he passed away suddenly a few years back.
  2. Ferret is still around and posts now and again on facebook.
  3. I certainly hope that isn't the case Cory. Please do post if you hear from him.
  4. I saw that too Ken. Hopefully when Labour loses the general election Corbyn, Abbott et al will have no other option but to step aside.
  5. I'm a traditional Labour voter brought up in a staunch Labour household. But I think i'll be going along with chesters1 and not voting at all in the coming general election. I can not bring myself to vote for Corbyn and his bunch of useless cronies, the Lib Dems just wind me up with their utter arrogance (and are a non entity in my eyes) and one would have to drag me kicking and screaming to put an X next to a Tory candidates name, I just wouldn't be able to live with myself, and it's not ever going to happen whilst I still hold my core values of fairness, equality & compassion....values that the Conservatives have a history of sorely lacking. On the issue of Brexit I lean towards the Conservatives more than any other party, but on that issue alone, and that's not enough for me to vote for them. I vote chesters1
  6. Pfffft what's with this weird website, I don't do change. Looks good.
  7. That's it just go ahead and destroy my fantasy why not.
  8. Yep you and Mike are quite right. I tried the 2x1gb and although they fit, the laptop won't even boot up with them in. But nevermind, it only cost me less than a fiver to try.
  9. I could watch "Kay" Burley all day, it doesn't matter what she's talking about, i'll just happily watch.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iaide-nrOJc Slightly off topic, but nevertheless relevant considering the upcoming election. *Couldn't see the video so edited???
  11. I would like to see this "very basic factual stuff", as such "factual stuff" in such unpredictable and uncertain times must be treading on the toes of old Nostradamus. As I've said before I can take it or leave it whether we end up remaining or leaving, i'll just accept it. What I find hard to accept is when MP's refuse to honour the wishes of the majority of the citizens who pay their salary, unlimited expense accounts and big fat pensions. I don't care what party they are members of, whether they are in power, in opposition or independent. A referendum was put to the country and an answer was given, regardless of whether the answer was to remain or leave it is their duty as public servants to carry out the wishes of the people. If for whatever reason they feel they can't or won't deliver on the wishes of the majority, then they should resign immediately from public office.
  12. From a personal point of view, I'd say the end of free movement and more control over who and how many that choose to come here is a big positive. I think the idea of unregulated and limitless free movement among EU member states is crazy, and i'd feel the exact same way whatever nationality I happened to be. Housing, public services, education, jobs, wages, social cohesion etc are all going to be negatively impacted with uncontrolled migration. I voted Leave and would vote the same way tromorrow. But if the referendum had of been won by the Remain side i'd have just shrugged my shoulders and accepted it as the result the majority of the country wanted and got on with life. I think the problem now is that we had a referendum and those that run the country haven't delivered on what the people wanted and were promised, whether that would have been Remain or Leave. The politicians that have disrupted, blocked and generally f**cked up the whole process should hang their heads in shame as they have just caused more anger and division amongst the population. If another referendum happens and Remain wins then what? Those that steadfastly voted Leave in the 1st referendum would have every right to be outraged.....and so it goes on and on causing more anger, resentment and division.
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