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  1. I'm not so sure Ken, and some of his research goes back way way further than the Columbian exchange, in some cases thousands of years. I'd never say i'm a firm believer in all he says, but I do have a fascination with the "what if", and have an open mind to alternative theories. One thing that stuck in my mind was that a "lost" tribe that were discovered in the Amazon in the early part of the 20th century, who had had no contact with the outside world, knew that Sirius was a binary star system and they referred to it as the mother and child star. I just love quirky mysteries such as that.
  2. Graham Hancock's books are a very good read and recommended. One of the best reads in years for me was Our Occulted History by Jim Marrs, a very thought provoking book if you have an open mind and like the idea of "what if".
  3. Are there any book readers amongst members? I am myself and like to read "weird" stuff. I've just had my interest tweaked by Behold a Pale Horse by Milton Cooper, I think that will be my next indulgence.
  4. I did think the same thing Phone. But don't worry, you're not missing much.
  5. Paul, you are crazy fella. You really do need to chill a tad and accept that the majority of the British public want out of the EU and voted Tory as they seemed to be the only logical choice to get it done. Who knows, maybe just maybe your fears may turn out to be well founded, and in that case you can come on here and call us all a bunch of utter imbeciles. But chill fella.
  6. Oooh, Toolstation on Ebay have a deluxe version for £54.99 with free p&p........ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Keter-Folding-Work-Bench/293297577885?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item4449e5df9d:g:decAAOSwcBpeGogw&enc=AQAEAAACQBPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qVQEO2qMkNJ2CnSnr0XgbBz6ZvbwIWfYJxBa%2BuUck1I3za7J6IsslFKRyrkO42TBzGvFpOyCZHU2r8DX%2Ff4Ej0gRIFedozZ6q43UBvznITIRMX8wdHNLLutnkPs6qg3N1sl9HCi%2FMz6jH0Y5yoH2YcxdvWqgTXlYoo9Vjsz6piWPcrPTPNUy0vmklTw5upfbJ5n6CRULmVcGG6cCwpoq9iM5Vy9NXTleih%2FLFXJRLlA1ZnWDsV3FYvXNEo4YNxp1OTOIb9DpJNp5KrXsca441cpHo5ETKj7hX2R%2BKvYIgsJCOvmsx1cqK9LSfRnCvkuN0owy%2FXvgiZkoDDiKfp5Ovsc4JSNjpBkPoSqFfjP1PFhC4uLoL7wPCuDUnsf0HVwcg6sgkLT0IstJ1K8LkDZDIF7Vhdmhd8bG0SMWqcANxXCl6PW%2F7N7tEGLz2Jl1c%2FwPpBOZny2mGZvirsoN1%2FxlWfZJE4el0HDG1PD1o5qNemdTUanXZr51vz016GaVCKR%2FcCOY719AizJBis9ksmK7uc6Rls0AwvAmQP6l%2FEYdlh5eA41kE%2Bm4Sp%2Fgw2gIFEObN4OWz%2BvOzqrkf1atdAZ9rKp%2Fk0dXWiGgwmPjtCQygS%2BKV5Fq0VB8%2F0qg2s5RAJhGtnEbGvYeAeUAserPmpfekl1FEyiTF1eJsobyxMeEsphcCSlGS7tav6LF52Wpfn%2BKTsl3YwmCKImYu0uYky4MMaNPkjlNiLvoX9nzShLW0jPJQ%3D%3D&checksum=29329757788563bf10b41a0e4a20a9bfda74e4ec7b5c&enc=AQAEAAACQBPxNw%2BVj6nta7CKEs3N0qVQEO2qMkNJ2CnSnr0XgbBz6ZvbwIWfYJxBa%2BuUck1I3za7J6IsslFKRyrkO42TBzGvFpOyCZHU2r8DX%2Ff4Ej0gRIFedozZ6q43UBvznITIRMX8wdHNLLutnkPs6qg3N1sl9HCi%2FMz6jH0Y5yoH2YcxdvWqgTXlYoo9Vjsz6piWPcrPTPNUy0vmklTw5upfbJ5n6CRULmVcGG6cCwpoq9iM5Vy9NXTleih%2FLFXJRLlA1ZnWDsV3FYvXNEo4YNxp1OTOIb9DpJNp5KrXsca441cpHo5ETKj7hX2R%2BKvYIgsJCOvmsx1cqK9LSfRnCvkuN0owy%2FXvgiZkoDDiKfp5Ovsc4JSNjpBkPoSqFfjP1PFhC4uLoL7wPCuDUnsf0HVwcg6sgkLT0IstJ1K8LkDZDIF7Vhdmhd8bG0SMWqcANxXCl6PW%2F7N7tEGLz2Jl1c%2FwPpBOZny2mGZvirsoN1%2FxlWfZJE4el0HDG1PD1o5qNemdTUanXZr51vz016GaVCKR%2FcCOY719AizJBis9ksmK7uc6Rls0AwvAmQP6l%2FEYdlh5eA41kE%2Bm4Sp%2Fgw2gIFEObN4OWz%2BvOzqrkf1atdAZ9rKp%2Fk0dXWiGgwmPjtCQygS%2BKV5Fq0VB8%2F0qg2s5RAJhGtnEbGvYeAeUAserPmpfekl1FEyiTF1eJsobyxMeEsphcCSlGS7tav6LF52Wpfn%2BKTsl3YwmCKImYu0uYky4MMaNPkjlNiLvoX9nzShLW0jPJQ%3D%3D&checksum=29329757788563bf10b41a0e4a20a9bfda74e4ec7b5c
  7. Found the The Keter Roc Job Made Work Bench one here for cheaper - £57.74 https://www.powertoolsdirect.com/keter-roc-job-made-work-bench
  8. https://www.ffx.co.uk/tools/product/Silverline-460793-5024763143168-Diy-Router-Table-With-Protractor-Uk-850-X-335Mm Or maybe that????
  9. https://www.ffx.co.uk/tools/product/Keter-Ket17202215-7290106931503-Roc-Job-Made-Work-Bench That looks kinda like the same thing Chesters me old mukka??? I have no idea if the price is good or not, but i've used the company before and have no complaints.
  10. I must admit i'm getting kinda worried about this $hit that's gonna hit some fan that Cod has been warning us about for the last few years. It must have built up to a turd the size of Mount Everest by now, and it's taking quite a while to get here, did it orginate from beyond the asteroid belt? The poor fan doesn't stand a chance or is this fan actually a wind farm off the coast of Whitby?
  11. In all seriousness though, i'd like to see the thread stay. Amongst the drivel there are some interesting posts and links to information........and the slightly perverse deviant in me would like to see who was and who wasn't justified with their hopes and fears in months to come.
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