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  1. Not really a great deal between either manufacturer .... personally I'd go for the Daiwa, but that's no indicator that Daiwa is any better than the Shimano offering
  2. I've had New four and two stroke engine! ... Four stroke engines every time .... and Japanese manufactured for quality and reliability.
  3. Peter Coogan .... 0151 677 3609
  4. Many thanks for that! ... I did have one of the links on my old P.C. but long since gone .... just got to sort out a long weekend and the actual dates
  5. Is there a link to tackle and tactics for Skate fishing? In particular, as in … Best time of tide for feeding? Weight size and type, again possibly based around tide etc Line diameter/type … B/S etc Hook size/type Bait (variations) A bit of anchoring info? If there is such a link that can help me find the answers to these questions it would be much appreciated…. ta Should have added a particular venue that we will be fishing but as of yet undecided so it really is only a generalisation.... Cheers
  6. They can be taken in daylight, the clarity of the water plays a big part more so than the lunar clock. In a naturally muddy estuary they can be taken in daylight Tightlines …
  7. Beautiful photos, especially the slow worm picture ...
  8. Personally I hope that a licence will not be brought in
  9. Out of curiosity ... what couldn’t the Okuma not handle that the slosh and Penn 535 mag can handle? … Which part or characteristic of the reel could not cope ?
  10. I make no bones about it, the Abu Mag Elite is the finest long distance clean beach casting reel there is! .... A very interesting new innovation on the NEW Abu Mag Elite is the newly designed spool, this along side the many other improvements to this already excellent reel, will prove hard too match, let alone beat. The Okuma is a nice entry reel that offers a lot for it's cost, it's quality is in keeping with other reels manufactured in the Far East which includes the majority on sale today. The fine details of the warranty as mentioned by Norm B is an important point … a warranty is
  11. Yep I got one ... got it off ebay from a guy that goes under the name of "fishing7495" ... he's a tackle shop owner based in Norwich ... brand new reel, price all in with postage, £54.99p ... I purposely got the Magnetix MG-20LS version (levelwind version).. mainly intend on using the reel for uptiding. Though I have tested it out using a beach caster and it goes well even though it has the levelwind fitted, a notable benefit is that the retrieve ration is 6.2:1 … some people prefer the lower ration when using a reel for uptiding, me I just opt for the high tech approach to this trait, I
  12. :lol: ... it would be hard to stop a habit that has lasted for so many years It would be hard to stop a habit that has lasted for so many years Listed are the ones I use! .... even amongst that list there are multiples of certain reels. But I do use them, fishing a full weekend away on the boat, I would possibly use 6/8 different reels, if I was beach fishing I might use 4 reels. If I go casting I would take at least 4/5 reels. I have a lot more reels than that list I find it interesting to read about other people’s opinions of reels, some people highly rate a r
  13. Tackle-Ho or is that nerd ... what's with the or, I'm both I cherry pick what I keep, and trade/sell the rest, it help me keep my sanity. At least, too a level, that the authorities deem me an insignificant danger too the public. Thereby allowing me to remain within the public domain, whether they will next week is a different matter it’s a wait and see game
  14. I noticed its "what reels do you USE" ... I only use a certain selection of reels I actually own ... Abu 6600 L/D Abu 5500 C3 Abu 5500 C3 CT Abu 6500 C3 CT Abu EON 6600 … only for messing about, before it goes under the hacksaw! Daiwa 7HT Daiwa Saltist 30 Abu 7000 L/D Abu 6500 Synchro Abu Morrum 7700 CT Abu Morrum 7700 CS Abu Morrum 6600 Penn 970 Mag Abu 9000C Abu 10000CA Abu 12 Abu Ultra Mag IV Abu 6600 EXT Penn 525 GS Penn 525 Mag Daiwa Slosh 20 Daiwa Slosh 30 Abu 1003 LP That’s off the top of my head, there’s probably others I USE.. I rotate these reel thr
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