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  1. They sound like ideal fishing spots to me. Why do you want to 'wean' the fish off their natural food. Tutti-frutti boilies don't grow on trees.
  2. It is strange how attitudes to carp vary throughout the world. A valued sports fish in most of the UK, ‘trash fish’ in many parts of the United States of America, food fish in Eastern Europe and large parts of Asia. To our antipodean cousins they are not much better than vermin, and they hunt them with bows and arrows, a legal ‘method’ in some parts of North America too. Click here to view the full story. Discuss, making full use of fish feel/don't feel pain controversy that has been in the madia lately.
  3. I am an ex-pat Scot living in Southampton who is just getting back into angling again after a break of about 20 years. When I lived in Scotland I used to fish fly and spin for trout, sea trout and salmon on the River Leven, a tributary of the Clyde, or I would head up to Loch Fyne or Loch Striven with a bucket full of rag worm or a couple of pound of herring or mackerel strips and fish for what would bite! Once one had bought rods, reels, line, flies, hooks, weights and a few lures the day to day costs were minimal. The only real cost of going for a days dangle was to get up and out at fir
  4. That really ought to be the last word. Sounds like tempting fate to me
  5. Yet another situation where the Frogs are way ahead of us. I am in the middle of a transaction to buy a flat in France. So far it has gone like this. Beginning of March I find a flat that I like. I make an offer 4000 euros short of asking price. A couple of days later I receive a call from the estate agent to say that the vendor will accept 3000 euros short. I say done deal. A few days later both parties sign a document called a 'comprimis de vent' commonly called the compromis, and the buyer pays a 5% deposit. Signing the compromis commits the buyer to buying and the vendor to sel
  6. So what are you then? Thief, conman or pervert . Or maybe you use a different 'net to the rest of us?
  7. I have not tried this but you could try 'watering' down the hemp oil with a cheaper oil that has little or no smell. Peanut oil might be worth a try.
  8. Ya sure its not Aramaic?
  9. And cinnabar moths, which cannot live without it!
  10. You could make things a lot easier for yourself if you were to join the 21st century and use metric!
  11. Because cormorants are birds. Under UK legistlation just about all birds from avocets to zebra finches (if we had them) are protected. The only exceptions are some ducks, and some members of the crow family. That's it. Get used to it, because whether you like it or not thats the law. The hedgehogs were artificially introduced to a part of the UK where they were not native and should be eradicated from there because thay are causing an environmental disaster. There is a similar problem in my 'home waters' at Loch Lomond in Scotland where some wallies introduced ruffe, probably whilst live
  12. corydoras


    What the hell. Re-mortgage the gaff and get a 155Mbps OC-3 connection. End the World Wide Wait now
  13. Corydoras I'm bisexual. If I can't get it free, I buy it.
  14. It must be Tony Blair! PS Quick anagram Tony Blair MP, I'm Tory, plan B.
  15. Wrong. If they can get up they just have more sex!
  16. I think he's got tickets on himself, or he's a snag short of a barbie meself. Either that or he's a Top-ender and just can't help it.
  17. Hey Rudd! Do you fancy testing out your theory on some Carcharodon carcharias? I am sure he would'nt bite if you interrupted him mid-bonk.
  18. Put a moggy on a hair rig.
  19. There was an old lady from Greece Who said "What I prefer to a piece, Is to have my pudenda rubbed by the enda the little pink nose of my niece" [ 26. March 2003, 12:10 AM: Message edited by: corydoras ]
  20. Pas du tout! Franco was a Spanish dictator. [ 21. March 2003, 07:29 AM: Message edited by: corydoras ]
  21. Who luvs ya baby? Quelqu'un, quelque part, si vous êtes chanceux. Autrement tant pis pour vous!
  22. I'll go with a mothering of nurses too. It must be Freudian. I like this one: an exaltation of larks and I could just eat a jam of tarts
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