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  1. But only one has a love! Corydoras
  2. Newt Please do not think that all of the French think this way. My ex-wife is French and both of my children live in France with her. They live very close to the Normandy beaches in a village called Douvres la Deliverande. FYI Douvres was liberated by 48 Commando on the 8 June 1944. A year or so ago during a family meal to celibrate our daughters first communion one of the guests started to criticize America and the Americans as some French are wont to do from time to time.My ex tore a strip off them, explaining that if they were to take a trip along the coast a bit to Colleville sur Mer
  3. I just added my name to the list. Still only 739. I am sure we can do better. :confused: :confused:
  4. How can you work out how many anglers there are in the UK from the number of EA rod licences sold? Surely this number discounts all Scots anglers, and all English sea anglers that don't coarse fish or game fish in addition to their sea angling. Corydoras [ 12. March 2003, 11:58 AM: Message edited by: corydoras ]
  5. Just waiting for first sign of mullet!
  6. I fish for bass and mullet on the River Itchin. I won't fish in fresh water in England as being a Scot I disapprove of the principle of a rod licence. Too much like a 'tax on angling'.
  7. When I was a nipper we used to catch flounder all the way up the River Leven and in Loch Lomond too.
  8. No idea. Maybe it just gives them the muchies. Could be why carp go for strawberry and pineapple boilies and other 'unnatural' baits that carpers use.
  9. It smells the same as the real stuff. THC has no smell.
  10. When I was in the Merchant Navy (something the UK used to have, but that is another post for another day) any time a ship broke down in the middle of the Pacific or wherever we were, those of us that fished (I always took a boat road and a 9000C with me) used to take the opportunity to have a dangle. We had a technique for catching small and sometimes not so small squid for bait. A long thin rope with something heavy on the end. Attach strips if white towelling to the rope. Squid grab the towelling and can't let go because of the little hooks on their suckers. Any largish squid promptly gi
  11. 'Pinkies' the frozen baby mice that those who keep snakes and lizards for pets feed to thier wards are an excellent bait for brown trout and sea trout. I am not sure of their legal status, and have never used them myself but have been told by those in the know that they are deadly. PS Live rats much better than dead.
  12. Much as it pains me to gainsay the words of a member of the fair sex, a diversion that is at it's best otiose, at worst pernicious, I feel I must disaccord with you somewhat. The real entomologist was a geezer called Thomas Penny. Thomas Penny was born in Lancashire around about 1532. None of his written works have been preserved unfortunately, and what we know of them are only from quotes in the works of his contemporaries, although many of his drawings of animals and plants are preserved as they were included in the works of other writers of the period. When he died he left one of
  13. quote: Originally posted by H Jampton Gassing is only allowed using approved chemicals, but can anybody tell me what is approved? Can I direct you to this DEFRA document. Urban Foxes Although the main topic discussed here is urban foxes I am fairly confident that this paragraph holds true for foxes in general. Methods of fox control Prohibited Methods It is illegal to use self-locking snares, any bow or crossbow, any explosive other than ammunition for a firearm, or a live decoy. It is also illegal to poison foxes. No fumigant compounds are currently approved for the
  14. quote: Originally posted by RUDD In my youth I used Hash/weed while fishing. What was your target species, grass carp perchance? How did you present it?
  15. Just so nobody can accuse me of not posting a link to somewhere or other to back up my humble opinions. Laboratory analysis of the THC content of industrial hemp seed
  16. quote: Originally written by monkeyboy You have to get skunk seeds to have a nice skunk plant! Seeds u get at tackle shops are like 0.1% THC even in the flowers(Buds). But skunk plants can be anything from 5% to 15% thc therefore a more potent plant so BIGMAN has nothing to fear from the seeds from a tackle shop or even the plant it may produce! I agree, he has nothing to fear at all, but I repeat, IMHO the THC levels in ANY hemp seed are ZERO or as close to as makes no odds no matter what strain of hemp or cannnabis plant it may grow into once it has germinated. So yes, you are right
  17. quote: Originally posted by Ferret1959 How can you eat your pets you 'orrible man? Easy. Have you ever tried guinea pig? Delicacy in Peru and Chili too I think. Whole thing is skinned, gutted, dipped in batter and deep fried. Finger lickin' good! :cool: Corydoras
  18. quote: Originally posted by Elizabeth Snaring is much more efficient Exactly. Snaring is more efficient. Shooting is more efficient. Gassing is more efficient. Road kill is more efficient for crying out loud. Don't get me wrong, I would not ban hunting with horses and hounds, but please don't give me this old earwash that it is an 'efficient pest control' method. It must be about the most expensive, inefficient method of fox control devised by man.
  19. A quick question for all of those who claim that foxhunting is a viable and economical means of pest control: How many man hours does it take for the average hunt to kill one fox, including all the kennel staff, grooms, huntsmen, hunt followers etc?
  20. quote: My go now...sorry my french is limited to . garcon! deux grande bier tres vite Spot on!
  21. Japanes have got it sussed then! Came across this whilst having a qiuck Google. "Carp soup is traditionally given to women after childbirth. It is made from the whole carp, including the head, bones, eyes and all the organs except the gall bladder, and cooked four to eight hours with barley miso and burdock root. It is eaten four days in a row after the birth of the child, even longer if the mother has difficulty producing plentiful milk." Yeuch!
  22. Maybe, but not real soon. North Korea has serious WMDs (as I think we would both agree on) with the potential to hit Japan, South Korea, Tiawan, maybe the Phillipines and according to something I read somwhere maybe even Alaska. 1.5 million standing army makes Saddam's lot look like a jamboree as well methinks.
  23. quote: Originally posted by nursejudy just who was Little Jack Horner who sat in a corner? Et voila! Legend has it that one Richard Whiting, the Abbot of Glastonbury at the time of the dissolution was hoping to appease Henry VIII and so sent his servant Jack Horner to London with a Christmas present of a pie. Under the crust of the pie were the deeds of twelve manors. Jack opened the pie and removed the deeds of Mells Manor near Glastonbury in Somerset. Whether or not is true, Thomas Horner took up residence at the manor shortly after the dissolution and one of his descend
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