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  1. The shakespeare travel beachcaster is much better than it has any right to be well worth a look. Diawa did a wilderness beachcaster which was 4 sections personally I prefer the Shakespeare. The other option is one of the three section conti rods these are the future! have a look at the sunset range at Gerrys of Morecambe I have a couple of these rods and they are excellent.
  2. To be honest I've spent the winter sea fishing hence the very low profile
  3. As Madeira is part of Portugal you will find that there is a license requirement to fish off the shoreline and they do police it quite strictly confiscation of tackle and a stiff fine is not a good plan on holiday so check before you fish
  4. Play nicely or the thread vanishes.......
  5. I use the tapered mono leaders with my braid and have never had an issue Personally I prefer to have the more abrasion resistant mono at the sharp end other peoples mileage on this will vary
  6. Hello Bold Bear I use the 8000 version same reel just a marginally bigger capacity which quite frankly you don't need The reel is superb for beachcasting with Long casts are dead easy especially at night on a cold winter cod beach! Like all Fixed spool reels the weakest point is the spindle that holds the spool which in normal fishing i.e. beachcasting there is no issue but they are not designed for winching 20lb cod up a cliff face though. Get it bought you won't regret it....and to make life really easy have a look at some of these continental style rods they team up perfectl
  7. Bold bear the topic is simply too big to reply in a simple forum shout it all depends on where you are planning to go and what you want to achieve dropm me a pm and I will give you my mobi number for a chat and I can guide you through some of it easily enough.
  8. To say nothing of the need to fulfill your rubber/latex desires!!
  9. 31/2 lb chub Taken from the Hodder on Sunday one of 4 that I had all like peas in a pod along with some grayling and the inevitable trout which as till very active until the weather cools and they start to think of other things!
  10. Can we keep it on topic chaps! I am aware of some underlying issues that may be best dealt with either via pm or a face to face meeting!
  11. Better book your transport then I'm surprised he took that long the river he was fishing on its day is lifting with fish and they don't tend to get hammered as it's an unfashionable little river but believe me it's very easy to have a remarkably good session on it and Tigger knows it well!
  12. The Free spirit reel was made with a very basic design flaw which is fairly easily resolved with the careful use of a small round warding file. Remove the spool and then take out the catch plate that holds the spool onto the spindle you will notice that the end of it has been left square.this is not how it should be there should be a U shape groove cut into the end which is what you will find on an Allcocks. So simply use the warding file to cut said groove into the end of the plate. I would suggest that you go reasonably carefully so as to not cut it too deep. Once you have
  13. This one will have the dear old anoraks dribbling from all orifices and reaching for their chequebooks!! Ebay No 111364045202 God only knows why its only a fishing reel!
  14. I have both the six spoke and the 12 spoke both are good reels. Both of mine were deliberately ordered without the star back as that feature adds nothing but extra weight.
  15. Nah! it's a mistake he put the dot in the wrong place it's £18.50 or at least that's what its worth all these high prices have addled the poor sod's brain
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