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  1. i went dn again today and the stiffer tip really worked a treat. This time i wasn,t hitting the taps and when the tip was pulling round 9 out of 10 fish hooked themselves. Thankyou very much!!
  2. Thanky, im going again in about 30mins so ill let you know how i do tonight.
  3. i nipped down again today ad found that changing my hook from a 12 to a 10 helped a bit but apart from that i missed loads again. When i walked around the pond however alot of people seemed to be having problems hitting bites?????????????? i tried a stiffer tip today and no change. me and my mate bot think our striking is near as damn it the same. But still HELP!!!!!!!
  4. Ive been fishing recently on the oymill pond at barnsley. Iwas fishing on bread and catmeat. my mate was catching loads of fish however i kept missin bites. could this be because th tip of my quiver rod was more sensitive than his????? :confused: :confused:
  5. You should have guessed with a name like emma roids! lol
  6. I have a les paul, a squire, an acoustic fender and a brunswick electro acousic. How can you still be posting at half 3 in the morning? lol! Are any ofyou in a band?
  7. Just thought i'd ask if any one played an instrument as i play the guitar and im in a band. (im 16 by the way) what do you play?
  8. why does the fishing always die off between 12 and 2?? How can that be explained? :confused:
  9. According to the guy there, he said we could fish his stretch because it is private.
  10. I have recently fished a private stretch of the river Dearne with my mate and caught a couple of Trout. I have been told that there are decent Chub, roach and trout in the water. Howwould yu recommend catching them. It it 8ft in the place we fish. We fish a drop off. What baits should we use???? :confused:
  11. Babar


    Sorry everyone it was really selfish of me to ask and i promise i will get the original version and hopefully i'll see at one of the matches or whatever. Sorry again everyone!!!!!!!
  12. Babar


    No i dont smoke and no baliff ever goes round on ryhill. My grandad pays for me on riverside fishing so we can get away from all the trouble. I cant drive either. Yes she is in hospital. And when i have £20 i will go out and buy the game properly.
  13. Babar


    I doubt it mate, my sistrs in fu!*$ng hospital and every penny i get, i use to go and see her. :mad: :mad:
  14. My sister is in Hospital and is very ill, so the money i get is spent travelling up and down to the hospital. So if you wouldn't mind easin up off my back a bit over a game!!! :mad: :mad: This is supposed to be a friendly forum, so lets keep it this way please? Thanx for the advice, i may try that someday. (lol!!!!!) Reply Please
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