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  1. Amazing thanks guys. I fished Tansterne yesterday with an overall 93lb. Do any of you guys know much about the river hull! Its free so was thinking of taking my 2 lads. Any advice on that would be great fully received.
  2. Good afternoon anglers. I have just been made aware I am now a fully fledged member of your forum and thought I better make an appearance in here and introduce myself. Im luke, Im a new angler from hull. Literally been fishing for around 3 weeks and still learning to master the basics. Any advice would be greatly received. I have been using a lake called risby up my end a lot. Easy fishing for small silvers and not hard to catch smaller carp, around 5lb average. There is some bigger things in there but nothing I have caught as yet. Let me know if any of you guys know of any other good spots around hull. Thanks.
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