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  1. Oh nice, I'm at the department of Biosciences in the ecology department. I must say that this is a bit of an add on of my own design onto my wider research concerning fish passage but I thought it merited a look.
  2. Thanks to everyone who has commented! The questionnaire should take between 15 to 20 minutes. I promise that I'm not trying to gather any "lynch the fishermen" kind of data, I was an angler before university (had to drop the hobby due to time constraints) and have developed a fondness for the aquatic environment partly due to my childhood fishing. Also this questionnaire is not focused on the use of or ethical status of livebaiting, more so the use of commercially available deadbaits. I aim to estimate the most popular forms of predator fishing within the UK as well as why anglers value certai
  3. Hello everyone, Durham University student here who is researching the attitude of UK freshwater predator anglers towards natural and artificial baits. If you'd like to participate please say so below! Many thanks, Nosey Student
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