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  1. Thanks. I have a rod hold-all as it is, and the rod I bought has single-leg eyes and cost £400. I’d fly it by Learjet if I could! I think I’m going to try the pvc idea.
  2. I like that idea. I’ll have a look. Thanks
  3. Hi I don’t. I’m in Guildford now, where the river fishing comes cheap but the houses aren’t!
  4. Anyone know of a jumbo rod tube 4”+? just bought a beaut of a feeder rod with 30mm butt ring, and my 2.5” is not sufficient.
  5. I started fishing very young, and was lucky enough to have access to a private trout lake and a stretch of the Test. Only when I sampled coarse fishing did I get the bug. For various reasons I stopped fishing in about 1999 and barely a week went by without me missing it. Thanks to a new friend as keen to get into it as I was to return, I’m now pretty much set to return to the bank, a new man. I hope to learn what has changed and share what little knowledge I held on to.
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