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  1. Thanks you very much for that experienced advice chesters. Duly noted. They are a beautiful specimen & we do treat them with care & respect. We haven’t caught anything severely Goliath yet but we do know that they grow to a monstrous size, I’d like to get a lot more experience before I catch something too big, Then again it’s a gamble on what you’re going to catch really isn’t it.!? I’m more then happy with jacks for now .We tend to use eel section,lamprey or joey’s & have had some good response to them but thanks for the quick tip on sardines, I’ll try them sometime. Thanks once
  2. Thanks for the replies gents, much appreciated We have managed to book a log cabin on loch awe, which I hear is excellent for pike fishing in the right season ofcourse, so rather excited about that. Being a northerner (Newcastle) we were thinking about trying a lake quite local to us which apparently holds decent pike,hopefully get some pics uploaded! I have told my brother and friends about this forum so they will be joining too. Thanks once again and I will definitely be needing some advice soon without a doubt. Tight lines indeed!
  3. Thought I’d just say hi to everyone as I’m a new member & im looking forward (hopefully) to getting out there this year and catching some decent pike. I’m relatively new to pike fishing (maybe just shy of a year) but I have been out quite abit locally and travelled , not an expert angler quite yet...so any tips & advice would be excellent. I never thought pike fishing would be so addictive! I have plans of a log cabin get away up Scotland this year depending on the obvious Covid situation...does any body recommend any good lochs up there or is that a silly question??? thanks in adva
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