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  1. John, regarding your question, is it okay to fish? Of course it is, if your conscience allows it! My wife and I are pretty much in the same boat as Cameraman so my fishing is now limited to a few hours in the morning. I would hate to bring Corona Virus 19 back home to me wife so whilst I still go fishing we remain in contact via a phone and hygiene and common sense rules. Mind you, I do fish from the end of our garden! I do wonder how I would cope if I did not have that privilege. The problem isn't fishing, it's other people
  2. Give Plod a call. Many forces have a 'wild-life' officer. No harm in giving the EA a call too, better than telling us lot about it.
  3. Martin, best bit of advice yet! Whilst I appreciate Philocalist's self imposed fast I rather suspect for many anglers it will be a case of 'where there is a will there is a way' and I for one won't blame them, provided that they keep heir distances and fish responsibly and legally. I have a footpath running down the side of my garden and likewise have seen a sizable increase in cyclist and walker numbers.
  4. During the present lockdown is there an official ruling on angling? In my case I have the great good fortune to have a tidal water at the end of my garden, meaning that I don't have to travel, at least not far and then across my own land. From bed to swim is about 110 yards, lucky me. Seems to me that the formal restrictions are on travel rather than the activity itself. It would seem to me that there are many anglers who live near to fisheries and would be able to meet the social distancing rules with ease. I rather suspect that this year's June 16th will be a non event as we strive to surviv
  5. Never really comprehended why folk hoard old junk that never sees the light of day let alone the river bank. I was never really a Mitchell man although I still have, and occasionally use a CAP that I did like many years ago although I really don't know why I even bother to put line on it now!
  6. Are carp indigenous to America? Not that it matters but I thought that people only fish for bass in America!
  7. My rod really started to look its age, poor thing, so nothing ventured nothing gained I shortened the handle and mucked up a perfectly good rod, silly old bugger that I am! Still, what the hell, I picked up an absolutely mint replacement this morning, for a tenner would you believe! Still a perfectly viable rod, great to revert back to an unspoilt one, roll on the 16th! Over forty years old now, like new, looking forward to winkling out a few bream on it.
  8. In days of old, during Chester's mid fifties, banks supplied perfect maggot bags by way of cloth money bags. Describe 'em as carp boilie bags, made in 'realtree' and he'd make ten times the dosh!
  9. Try E.Bay, no open wounds. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/maggot-bags-for-fishing-bait/152780584612?hash=item23926eb6a4:g:nKcAAOSwNM9Zz3LN
  10. http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/business/norwich-fishing-retailer-angling-direct-successfully-floats-on-the-london-stock-exchange-aim-list-1-5104354
  11. I'd put my foot down in a true, manly style, cross Breydon, and head off up the River Yare. Moor up outside Surlingham Ferry, great food and drink but also truly excellent for bream! Far less crowding or the dreaded stag parties down South too.
  12. http://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/countdown-is-on-as-the-broads-look-to-welcome-opening-day-in-style-1-5049905
  13. Day late but happy birthday young man!
  14. For the cost of a bait boat you can almost certainly buy a full sized inflatable dinghy which will allow access for you as an angler as well as bait placement. Indeed you can get second hand dinghies for a great deal less than a baitboat and a real boat will be a great deal more useful. For a pike angler a boat is a must, fishing at close quarters has a great deal to commend it. The only advantage of a baitboat is that when things get slow is that you can play with the thing!
  15. I have what I reckon is the mutt's nutts for float fishing from a boat, a Preston Carbonactive Mini 11' pellet rod. It's happy with gudgeon on a size 22 or with large bream on a size 6 and everything in between. I never cease to be amazed at just how good a boat rod it is.
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