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  1. What is the difference between sub surface and sinking lines.????
  2. Can someone advise me. I know what a sinking line and a floating line is. But what is a sub surface line. Is this a line which is in between or does it mean a sinking one. Dont mean to sound thick but iam new to this type of fishing. Also if I wanted to fish for say carp what would be the best floater baits to use. ???????
  3. Vagabond thanks very much for the info very much appreciated can you tell me what a Tippet is ???? and where it goes, Thanks Trevor
  4. I am a complete beginner at fly fishing so hope you will forgive my ignorance. Can anyone advise me as to how to set up my tackle and what i need. The way i see it is that you have backing line then some fly line, then a length of leader line then the fly. Is this correct. If not can you tell me what to do and how best to tie them together and what knots to use. thanking you in anticipation of an answer. ??????
  5. I have been trying to get hold of the new fly magazine from my local newsagents but they dont want to stock it. Is there a certain chain of newsagents who keep them or an address i can send to to get the first addition. ???? Thanks for any info
  6. Hi Paul thanks a million for the article you suggested it has been the best read for ages and i found it very informative, I have only really dabbled with the pin but i find it so different from your run of the mill reels,and you feel you are back in the Mr crabtree era. Thanks once again. Trevor.
  7. can anyone explain the difference between a match rod and a trotting rod. Is it the weight difference, or the length or tc or what. ??????
  8. Pardon my ignorance but what is a wallis cast Ive not heard of that one can someone explain please. sorry if I seem a dim wit lads dont mean to be, this must have passed me by. ???????
  9. Thanks for all the advise so far on pins, I do have another question to ask. I have quite an old pin and its in need of a bit of attention, so can you advise me what to put on the pin itself. Do I just put a light oil say 3 in 1 or should I put some sort of grease. I really need a new one but to be honest ive grown attached to it even if its a little bent in places. Is there anywhere that can restore pins. hope to hear from anyone who can help.
  10. Iam fairly new to fishing although i have dabbled over the years, and I was hopeing someone could give me some advise as to how to judge what style of fishing I should do when getting to the pool I hope I put that in a way you understand, only I always seem to catch tiddlers Is there any set things I should do to improve my fishing. As I said in a prev msg I like useing a centrepin but would a freespool be better untill I improve myself. I hope this does not sound to soft to you experts. ????????????
  11. In these days of high tech reels does anyone enjoy fishing with the good old centrepin reel as much as I do. There the best in my opinion for close in float fishing. ?
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