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  1. There are great concerns in the Maritime world about LED's lately. On board ship they are interfering with Vhf radio transmissions, weakening the signal strength, and similarly with Ais signals.
  2. I'm going to stick with Win 7 for a lot longer yet, Microsoft will probably have Win 12 out before I change. I can't fault it on my machine. As for Win 10 data harvesting there are a lot of articles on the net as to how to stop it quite easily.
  3. Got it sorted, I have a dual monitor setup. Windows was finalising on the smaller monitor which I had turned off. It's easy to be a bit thick at my age.
  4. After foolishly reserving the new Win 10. Win update stopped updating and only gave me the option to download Win 10, no other updates were available. After getting fed up to the back teeth with it I looked on line for a way to get rid of the 10 update. The solution worked for a day or two then went back to wanting to upgrade to 10. This morning I decided to do a new install of Win 7. I've done that about once a year so I'm familiar with the process. Once it installs itself Win 7 restarts itself but hangs. I've left it for up to an hour. I can't remember how many times I've tried it the pa
  5. Lightroom is a scaled down version of what get with CS5/6. CS5/6 has three parts, Bridge, where you view your photo's on your drives, batch them etc. and open them im Camera raw. Where you have a powerful and very versatile bit of kit. Open a raw and click in the adjustment brush and see what it can do, make sure you tick the box "show mask". Once your finished there hold down the Alt key and click open copy, so you have your raw left to work with again and undo any changes you made. Here's a recent Raw converted straight to a Jpeg and afterwards being through Camera raw and Photoshop.
  6. I've never used Lightroom always Photoshop CS5 or 6. Part of which is Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), is this what you get with Lightroom? I only shoot Raw, all of my photographs are first processed in ACR, a very powerful tool which is non destructible and most often overlooked by most people hurrying into Photoshop. I have an excellent Tutorial for ACR if you want a copy Kirisute.
  7. Nice those are Kirisute, I'd have liked to the inside the fence where the balloons were inflating. But the Security Guard, a spotty youth of about 18 wouldn't let me in, even tho' I offered him a tenner lol.
  8. My wife wanted me to drive her down to Somerset to stay with her old friend for a few days, I was rather reluctant until I discovered that the Balloon Fiesta coincided with the trip. The weather at 06:00 am was perfect for the mass ascent which got under way about 06:45. It was advertised that about 160 balloons would take off, but I doubt there was that amount. All in all it was well worth the journey down from Scotland and the early start to get there. Balloons6 by Manninagh, on Flickr Balloons4 by Manninagh, on Flickr Balloons8 by Manninagh, on Flickr Balloons3 by Man
  9. Gimp, another freebie much the same as what Kirisute recommended. http://www.gimp.org/
  10. The Isle of Man was TB free for over fifty years, now there aren't any Badgers, Foxes, Snakes or Toads there. To eradicate TB all cattle that tested positive were simply culled. Any cattle that were to be imported into the I.o.M had to be tested for TB before a certificate of import was granted. The I.o.M. had a good trade exporting TB free stock to the UK. Some ten years ago the Manx Government in their collective wisdom, dropped compulsory TB testing for imported bovines.. Now the I.o.M doesn't have milk quotas, so some UK farmers upped sticks and bought farms there bringing with th
  11. Manxman

    Barn Owl

    These beggars are proving hard to photograph, but I'm happy with this one from this evening. BarnOwlroost1 by Manninagh, on Flickr
  12. In 2010 a new race at the Isle of Man TT was started for electric powered bikes. These bikes have got faster every year, with John McGuinness breaking the lap record for this class during the race. his average speed for the lap being 117.366 mph, I didn't hear what his top speed was through the speed trap on the fastest part of the course was, but it would probably be 170-180 mph with that average speed. https://www.google.com/webhp?complete=0&gws_rd=ssl#complete=0&q=tt+zero As for an F1 car doing a lap, would it have the ground clearance? The roads are pretty bumpy and uneve
  13. Great photo Kirisute, run it through Silver Efex Pro, some good effects available in there.
  14. Now I know you lot like a bit of culture, so have a look at this. The singing Priest, absolute fabulous voice and performance at a wedding. Just imagine if every church was like this on Sunday morning, they'd be full. A great guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYKwqj5QViQ
  15. Ok, followed your instructions to the letter, Roguefix found a couple of things, MBytes was clean, ran CC, there are no Programs listed in programs and Features that I don't recognise. Rest IE. In Manage Add-ons > Search Providers the only entry was for MySearchDial which was greyed out and I couldn't remove it. When I next opened IE I chose to add Google as my homepage, that then gave me the option to remove MySearchDial from the list of search providers. I have now set my homepage in Internet options to http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=0 this stops Google using Auto comple
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