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  1. T Rump has the power to pardon himself (AFAIK, Phone?). Worst president in US American history, and the worst American presidential loser. A total dick. A Gimboid of the highest order. Fit only to scrape the dung out of a pigsty (as long as the pigs don't object). Did anyone notice that during his recent press conference, his yellow combover has gone white?
  2. RIP Des, you were a true star. Taken from us too soon, aged only 88
  3. A lot of the Republican party officials will be backing T Rump because he still has the power to fire them, and probably will do if they dared to turn their backs on him. Some have already conceded that Biden has won however, and now that the Election Infrastructure Government Co-ordinating Council has declared that "There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised", we may start to see him concede defeat. I doubt it though. it's just another bloody game show to him.
  4. Some years ago when I worked as a computer nerd at a carpet warehouse, someone (female) rang up and asked "How much will a carpet cost for my bedroom?". I asked what size her bedroom is, she didn't know. I had to explain how she should measure the size and then visit one of our shops or come to the warehouse and choose a carpet she liked, since they come in different prices depending on the quality. She still didn't understand.
  5. Just ordered from Amazon
  6. Dammit, you sussed me out [img]https://www.cosgan.de/images/smilie/konfus/d025.gif[/img] (can anyone see that emoji?)
  7. Did you all know that amongst the shape-changing lizard people are such luminaries as our own Queen Elizabeth II, Barack Obama and (newly added) Donald T Rump? Are the Kardashians also included? How about Gordon Ramsey or that weird bloke from down the street who mows his lawn at 1am? (really, he does). Are the Komodo dragons secretly our overlords or is it a load of poo? Did we establish a base on Mars, and was Barack Obama (yes him again) part of the conspiracy? (yes it is a conspiracy, not something I made up). As for the Hitler fleeing to Argentina bit.... It is possible. There
  8. Ah, that explains everything
  9. My reply to Chesters seems to have disappeared....
  10. Now that was a strange one. High in the mountains, sub-zero temperatures, tents found torn from the inside as if they were trying to escape something, most of the bodies found naked in the snow with wounds that could not be explained....
  11. There is a minor theory that because the filming techniques were somewhat iffy at the time, that although the Moon landing did occur, in case the cameras failed they would substitute the first Moonwalk from footage shot here on Earth. However, there are plenty of independent radar operators that prove the landings did occur and that the film from NASA is real. Do you know that someone wiped the original tapes from the Moon landing? All we have is recordings.
  12. I've been banned from commenting on his twatter page. YAAAAY \o/ All I wanted to say was.... YOU'RE FIRED! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Worst president ever, and worst presidential loser in the history of the United States. Live that down you over-opinionated comb-overed streak of sh*t*. I would be more verbose, but I'm a moderator and therefore must control my language.... If I wasn't a moderator, I would have said something like - You have the political nouse of a dog turd. I have stepped in cow sh*t with more personality than you will ever have you worthless *rs*hol*. Now
  13. I have that on DVD, a true personality in many fields. RIP Geoffrey
  14. Geoffrey Palmer, TV and film actor, aged 93. Best known for Butterflies and The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin.
  15. Elsa Raven, actress who appeared in Back To The Future and Titanic (amongst many other films and sit-coms). Aged 91.
  16. I just love conspiracy theories, from Moon landing deniers to flat earthers, from our shape-changing lizard overlords to the US government involvement in the 9/11 attacks (most of which can be seen on YouTube). If I'm ever bored and need a good laugh, I go onto YT and watch a few flat Earth vids and wonder to myself, are these people allowed out in public unsupervised? Are they able to tie their shoelaces on the first attempt? Are they even potty-trained? Now one of my favourite conspiracy theorists, David Icke, prime supporter of the shape-changing overlord theory (and possible son
  17. RIP Sean Connery and John Sessions. Iconic actor, and comic genius respectively.
  18. John S


    Just some worthless little t**t that's just got suspended from the Labour party..... [img]https://www.cosgan.de/images/smilie/musik/k015.gif[/img]
  19. Frank Windsor, best known for Z Cars, Softly Softly, Casualty and Peak Practice. Aged 92.
  20. Sqn Ldr Allan Scott, one of the last WWII Spitfire pilots. Aged 99.
  21. And now the yellow combover idiot is up for next years Nobel peace prize
  22. Julian Bream, classical guitarist. Aged 87.
  23. Sydney Lotterby, director and producer of British comedy classics including Porridge, Last Of The Summer Wine, Yes Minister/Prime Minister, Butterflies, May To December and Open All Hours. Aged 93.
  24. Peter Green, co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, aged 73.
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