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  1. Hi I have just read your post, but I was at AS Watersports today - I think we met! I tried the Prowler 13 and the Scupper. I preferred the Prowler. My other half preferred the Scupper. It was good to try them out, thanks. Andrew
  2. thanks. PM replied to. i'm based in exeter. cheers andrew
  3. Having just walked part of the beautiful Southwest Coast Path, my mind is made up on getting a fishing kayak. As a total novice, my primary concern is stability. I'm guessing that kayak choice is personal and subjective, but don't want to end up with a turkey. I'd be grateful for recommendations as to makes/models suitable for inshore fishing. Thanks Andrew
  4. houseplant is the nickname for my job. i quite like it
  5. This brings back memories of fishing the Thames around Windsor when I was a kid. Catches consisted largely of gudgeon and ruffe (plus the odd small perch of course). Can't remember the last time I caught either species .
  6. How about these? http://www.foxint.com/catalogues-products....&section=31
  7. annoyingly i ordered one of the older models a few years back as i didn't want the flashy colour of the newer model. i was sent a GTE-B instead . after a couple of years of moderate use, it failed. on the plus side shimano felindre fixed it FOC. my older baitrunners have been going for over a decade. baitrunners were the standard, maybe this isn't the case anymore?
  8. well done, glad to see someone is taking advantage of the mild conditions
  9. Sure, but I thought Greys was an upmarket brand, the rest being the province of carp anglers from Essex.
  10. I thought it was an odd title too. It's a shame Greys can't spell prowler, poor marketing if they are trying to target the literate.
  11. i wish there was stuff like this around when i was a kid.
  12. by small baits, i mean 4-5 inches max.
  13. no it doesn't, but you do get gut hooked fish with trebles. you don't with circles, or at least i haven't yet. an interesting question. with the right baits and tactics on the right day, i miss few if any fish on circles. they are good for small dead and livebaits and excellent for wobbling. virtually a waste of time for large baits. had to add the caveat about the right day. in a previous post i described how i hammered a swim with singles, went back a couple of days later and missed nearly all the runs until i used two trebles. having said that, my default trace before i discovered circles was a single treble, so more a case of one versus two hooks rather than trebles versus singles. 1. no gut hooked fish - that alone sells it for me 2. i've always found trebles to be a bit of a pain in the arse with netting etc
  14. as you may know, i'm very pro-circle hooks for piking. can't say i've seen undue damage with scissor holds, certainly with barbless circles. nonetheless, maybe the point is that a scissor hold is better than a gut hold. i've yet to gut hook a pike with circles. can't say how many fish i've caught on circles. but i should imagine around 50.
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